One of the hardest thing in the world is to be a creator. It’s a task that never stops, well unless you choose to. To constantly design, craft, create a product or moment is an ongoing journey of ups and downs, but it’s the life some of us choose to live.

On my quest to beat my biggest challenge yet, 365 days of posting, I have my work cut out for me. I have decided to take the easy route (but it’s not easy at all), of text meets a journey of storytelling, but the biggest part of it is to have value and something you can take away from each post. It really a truly just landed in my lap doing this, for I always thought I had to be entertaining and put a spin on my wordplay, and be amazing with every line.

But perfection is a big ugly headed monster at times, and most people see value in just what’s real. Not everyone will get it, not everyone will support, but if your heart is pure and you have a message that needs to be shared, share it.

So with this design of my posts, it ensures all posts will be unique and brings much-needed eyes and ears when it comes to what’s real and originality.

One thing most people may not know about me or creators in general, every day is not the same. Or influences and inspiration tend to change constantly and most times drastically in order for us to evolve and continue to grow.

Share your thoughts with me… 🙂




When positivity strikes where will you be? Today for at work, I was happy to meet 3 more amazing women trying to change their lives for the better. The happiness they displayed to me as I shared my story with them was wonderful. My co-worker, I worked with today in Manhattan, New York the place of horrible traffic, nowhere to park and wandering traffic police officers, happened to be a happy and lovely place today.

My co-worker and I were so happy to work with each other, it was just pure magic and understanding and teamwork rolled up in a big ball. The positive energy and laughs were so natural, the creativity and like-mindedness moments of clarity were to die for. It was all in all a great HUMP DAY…We definitely got over the hump. Happy Wednesday.

10 Words To Describe The Day:
Office Goals
Face Time

How would you describe your day?




In the car, blasting BOSE speakers listening to Whitney Houston and goosebumps fill your arm. Like wow, what an amazing feeling and voice. It’s like her music touched my inner core. I have known of Whitney Houston going up and have watched the movie “The Bodyguard” in which I thought was an amazing and strikingly powerful at the time it came out, but oh my revisiting her voice and range and just soul-touching vocals was just what I needed today. It was a special feeling.

When last have you had a moment listening to someone’s music and it just touches your every being at that moment?