Today is a new day and new month, it’s December the last month of the year. I am attempting to put myself back out in the world of media. It’s going to be a rough task, but let’s just see how it goes. I made a video today and I am pretty confident it’s going to go up online. Wish me luck.

I am happy to have gotten a light vacation but I feel a bit lost without writing my thoughts and sharing creative ideas and energy. So here I go.

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So Walk It Out, Walk It Out

Today is day 2 of my new challenge of 2011, “Hour-Walk-A-Day-May” and I feeling great about it. So pretty much I am walking it out as I writing this post. I have some cool music on deck on my blackberry and I am going at a moderate speed until a see a hill then I am running or jogging up it. Oh of course I am watching out for traffic, I can’t go running up into people while I blogging on-the-go aka “illegal texting”, I might mess around and get a BWW (Blogging While Walking), ITWWB (illegal Texting While Walking Blind). Either way I am on a mission.

I had a great time going to the digitour in new york city at 23rd street Gramercy Theater to catch my some of favorite music youtubers. They really did their thing. Destorm and Dave Days killed the show, tearing the roof off as I would say and AutoTune The News (The Gregory Brothers) a new york band, had the crowd going absolutely crazy, even myself, especially when “Bedroom Intruder” came on.

Over all my weekend was so so, until around after 11pm, twitter went crazy over the death Osama Bin Laden. So while on train coming home from the digitour show, my twitter app was fitting to blow up. Later.

Do you have any youtubers you watch? How did you feel about the news of Osama?

Thanks for reading