De-Cluttering My Life: A Gift and A Curse

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I need to get rid of shit quick and fast.  After realizing how stress has altered my mood, my thinking and my look, I must take action immediately.  There is no wait it out and see what I can change, it’s time to change now.  I have readily assess a few things that I have created in my life that causes a friction in my daily activities.  It’s a gift and a curse in which I am well aware of.

I crave details, I crave information, I crave reasoning, I crave madness and chaos.  I feel like it’s a part of me to push my limits.  What I am referring to today it’s my crave of knowledge.  I hunt and follow the creators of information and the one’s who provide it.  I am talking about twitter.  As much as I follow quite a few people, YouTubers, bloggers, brands, businesses, social media sites, and many other random medium, I am also subscribed to their feed in which comes to me as a text message via SMS.  My phone constantly goes off each minute rallying numbers such as 36,000 text messages each month on my cell phone bill.  Ummm, yes people 36,000 texts and climbing, and yes I would be a dumb ass to not have unlimited text messages on my monthly plan.  But thinking about it, roughly 35,000 messages are incoming texts from twitter telling me the latest and great news and deals going around the world and in my city.  I crave information and being in the know it now and as soon as it arrives category, places and talks from my favorite YouTubers on when their new video is posted, or social media & tech news from @mashable, @techcrunch @pcworld, @engadget, @bhphotovideo, @wordpressdotcom and much more., and tweets about deals and job openings from top companies.

It’s actually a clever idea to use the service you are paying for for unlimited text messages and have it feed you information in real time without even going anywhere and as simply as checking incoming text messages, read and delete.  And if the tweet or information is vital or something to remember, simply just copy and paste in a notepad application for future reading.  So if you want to test this feature out, check out your twitter settings and turn on notifications on people you are following.  So for all the people so scared or don’t know what is a good reason to use twitter, this is the BEST way to use twitter.  Well it’s bad for me for I am too excessive but with this post and today’s mission is to cut my subscriptions down so I can focus more on my projects and how I am on my quest to greatest in the world by making my life more simpler and easily accessible.

If you ever want to learn some awesome tricks, you can always tweet me on twitter @rawmultimedia. 

So anyway, today I shall be un-following and un-subscribing away from people who don’t hold vital information I can’t simple take a few moment and just search for  down their time lines or their website to gain the information I may be seeking.  So I am going to attempt going down to say 20,000 text messages a month and see if my phone will ring that much less and I can focus on my work than worrying what new information or what is someone else tweeting about somewhere in the world, even if I would like to know just to know.  I need to mind my own damn business I guess. 😦 I am trying you all.

What can you de-clutter from your life today?  What did you think of my post?  What did you think of my very great tip?

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The “4th of July” After Effect…I see Fireworks

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Well as promised I am ready to change my life and career drastically.  After being featured on 30 subscribers on WordPress (very happy for) and over 170 videos on YouTube, 60 subscribers and over 22,000 views, and being a twitter beast with just minimal 130 followers, I am ready to turn on the pressure as I told everyone I will do in July.

I am going to spend July doing the things I love.  I don’t want to be strap down to others situations, it’s my month to shine and have an awesome birthday.  So after July 4th, aka Independence day in the USA, I am ready to take some serious steps with my blog and its marketability to the world and its audience.  I am ready to grow and entertain the world.

I hope everyone has an awesome 4th of July and awesome July.  I know there are a crazy among of things going on in the world, but stay focus and find something you love to do and do it.  And remember to keep on doing it, don’t let anyone hate on your dreams.

All I am going to say is I see fireworks… Drake feat. Alicia KeysFireworks

or jam to Katy PerryFirework

What are your plans for 4th of July?  What are your short-term goals for the summer?

Thanks for reading

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My Ultimate Goal of 2011: Canon T3i

Self Portrait III

I have made it official.  My ultimate goal of 2011 is to purchase the Canon T3i.  Though it may be not as powerful or great as the Canon 7D or the infamous Canon 5D Mark II, I am determined to get this mid-level camera.  I am a uber-fan of Canon, though i been telling myself to go the Nikon way as most people first pick mostly is a Canon, but I am still thinking about it.  Since I am leaving the realm of just full on photography and taking my well architect skills to a new height with videos and becoming a force to me reckoned with in multimedia and technology for New York.  The world should praise me as I work my hardest to get this camera.

Though it’s only $899.99 say at B&H Photo and Video or at Adorama, you still got to count in taxes, lenses, insurance (can’t go no where without that big boy), I am still looking at $1300 of the back basic.  With that, that’s really all I need for the skills don’t come with the camera, you bring your talents and skills to the camera and the works you produce.

So i am already on board with my first MAC purchase in March 2011, and my Pro Tools purchase of September 2010, I am just taking it step by step to be if not the number 1 Creative (all around) Multimedia Professional in New York, but one of the greatest in the long run.

Canon T3i (with the pull out screen) lol I am so coming for you.  The Canon T2i is also awesome, but I need a major upgrade from my Canon Rebel and taking my business to YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, your Local Film Festival right into your living room subscription service such as Netflix or Amazon.

Richardo is on his way…now it’s time to work his butt off and gain more clients, produce more high quality projects and network the HELL OUT of the world.

I have 3 great projects debuting this summer, including a debut hip-hop album, a poetry and art book, and a DJ groove 3 track music record, oh yea not to mention hopefully short-film series based on my YouTube weekly seriesThe Real Life with Richardo

Do you have an ultimate goal of 2011?  is there any awesome gadget coming out this year you are looking forward to getting?

Thanks for reading