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Harlem Shake BLACK NINJA viral trend video

So there a viral video trend going around in which has to do with the Harlem Shake.  Do you know what the Harlem Shake is?  Can you Harlem Shake?  Well the Harlem Shake is a type of dance created in Harlem, New York I believe a while back, but either way the trend has less to do with the actual dance but the entertainment value of the video.  It has more to do with the beat by the producer baauer titled Harlem Shake.  I saw the trend a day ago before I realized It got super big and popular, and decided to have some fun on a Saturday.  And how much fun it was.

Check out my version of the trend, The Black Ninja version [HARLEM SHAKE]

I hope you enjoyed the video. Here are a few others and the original makers of the viral trend. It’s only about 30 seconds of your life each so enjoy and laugh out loud, seriously LOL. 🙂

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Richardo Wilson


Inspiration · PostAday2011

My 2011 Goals by Richardo and @RawMultimedia (update)

Canon EOS 60D
Image by 246-You via Flickr

This is a repost of the original post – My 2011 Goals by Richardo
(This is a weekly update)

My 2011 Goals are not just personal goals but may also include milestones, accomplishments, and more in everything I do in life. Without further rambling here are my goals.

Today is Oct. 11, 2011

new things I added: being on front page, being a YouTube partner, being a manager, be endorsed, being sponsored, losing weight…

my comment of the week: I really take pride sharing my life with the world.  I am just trying my hardest to be an inspiration to others who want to achieve big goals in their lives.  I am just started on my album, and it’s a big pick a choose debate on what to leave in or take out.  I am getting better at YouTube and making videos I am so excited on my coming new videos in the works.

My Goals of 2011

– Complete’s “Postaday2011” challenge (aka blogging everyday)
– Being sponsored/endorsed by a company or a brand

– Be a manager to a music artist, a model, and a singer

Lose weight, and reach to 175-180 lbs
– Pay off 3 credit card bills
– Publish my first book
Record & Produce my debut EP hip hop album

– Reach 300 – 1,000 subscribers on my “Raw Multimedia” YouTube channel

– Become a YouTube Partner
– Be Featured on Front Page

Accomplished Goals of 2011 (w. brief details)

*Be featured on “Freshly Pressed”
(I was featured on @WordPress “FP” on June 25-27, 2011…see my post)

*Buy my first Mac computer
(Bought my first MAC computer on March 17, 2011, St. Partricks Day)

*Buy a new Canon DSLR Camera (Canon Rebel T3i or Canon 60D)
(Bought my Canon 60D camera in Aug. 2011, actually was my ultimate goal of 2011)

*Reach 25,000 views on my blog (reached this goal somewhere in may 2011)
*Reach 50,000 views on my blog (reached this goal somewhere in aug 2011)

…Though there may be more goals I have, I only choose to share couple of my MAJOR goals.  I work everyday in attempts to accomplish my goals.

What were your 2011 goals? Did you achieve any of your goals already?

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Wishful Wednesday: Spend More Time Editing

Consola de una mesa de vídeo Sony con dos bancos.
Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to another of Wishful Wednesday, where you can wish for any ans anything in the notion that it could one day come through.  Today I wish that I would spend more time editing.

Lately I have come across quite a new battlefield of video editing and grammar correction with my projects that requires more time than they are given.  I can’t lie I am a fairly business juggling many roles in my life and many different areas of media, and the more time I spend in one field kills the performance of another field.  The crazy thing is I know my quality of work is pretty good, but I know it’s that extra fine tuning and finesse time in editing is what would make my ok good quality production even greater and more dynamic.

I could remember back in the days when I use to master each software and fine tuning that made me great, but seeing I have eo much on my plate and have to take an great deal of extra time learning and editing makes me a bit lazy.  I have became caught by the desire to produce more than make my projects more deeper.

I need to sit my butt down and edit away.  Grab the coffee or energy drink, not too kuch of it though and edit away.  I tested out editing today for a project for a contest and was so edited by the results, that it has me hungry to go in the editing lab.

Do you spend quality of time producing your work?  Whether its a essay, a story or a song?  Do you wish you would spend more time fixing it up and getting great quality work?

Thanks for reading