Good Evening: Productive Day Win for Me

I am excited to announce my productive day win of June 28, 2010. I cleaned and cleared about a good amount of paper work I haven’t yet got to file, as well received a new rewards card in the mail, and so delighted to have watched a low budget film on dvd called, “The Mystery Team” from Derrick Comedy which a great sketch comedy group. I rented of course from the Redbox the only successful alternate I use to Netflix, oh yea I returned the dvd on time. So excited I am on mobile blogging, yea. Well until next time.



She Stole My Nuvo!!!! – trl 12

In this episode:
I explain/proceed to go on my Saturday Adventures getting food to bring back home to enjoy a Wii-kend…if not hitting the city of NYC, which involves, wine, videogames, “wii”, and good food, well at least food I like. đŸ™‚

Chick snatched my NUVO

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Are you a bitter person? Qotd5

I am not a bitter person about things that happens to me or whatever. But I am kind of bitter towards things I have caused against myself which usually involves money. If I hate anything in the world is losing money, for example if I was to lose or misplace money which was my fault, I am very bitter about that and would put high consequences towards myself for that happening. I set up many precautions that defend me from many problems and when they fail I am highly upset, thats just me and then I aim to make it much better of a precaution so it wont happen ever again.


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