My Five Year Plan to My Ten Year Plan

Hello Everyone,

How are you doing today? Today I am feeling quite well, and I finally decided to fine tune and expand my youtube show “The Real Life” to my blog. Its a big yea for me because I am taking things very seriously and setting myself in the right direction. I have been playing in a defensive manner for quite some time to ward away any crazy activities from affecting my life, now completing my five year goal of testing the waters and learning a great deal of things.

I would have to say I have succeeded in that sense of not going backwards but forward, but it has been a bumpy road. I am still not completely where I wanted to be at this age in my life, but I am quite content and still excited that it is geared to change for my next chapter of 5 yrs, notably my orginal 10yr plan.

So here goes the projected new lineup:

Weekly series:
– “The Real Life” via YouTube / WordPress
– “The Raw Tips” via YouTube / WordPress

Monthly series:
– “Richardo Knows…”

Other later optional adoptive series:
– “Raw Footage”
– “Raw Transitions”

As time passes, I will post more information about the shows and series before they launch.

Enjoy, and Have a Nice Day

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Avatar: The Last AirBender Review – Brazil ELIMINATED – Day 2 of 20 Day COUNTDOWN

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I saw Avatar: The Last Airbender today in 3D, and its BOMBED, straight ass, I waited over a year to be disappointed. Its a PG movie and the 3D sucked. Shrek 3D was so much better. The Netherlands eliminated Brazil in the World Cup 2-1 ouch.

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