So the Super Bowl happened…I didn’t really watch it. I caught the last half of the game. I was more excited to hit the gym and get a great work out in. I am committed to my own greatness. I am happy I made that decision instead of staying home to watching the full game.

Anyways, it’s not a spoiler if the entire blog world is writing about the game. Oh, yea and the half show was terrible. I can actually say so. Kudos to the acts who planned though. It wasn’t impressive other from the first 15 secs before Travis Scott hit the stage. 🙂 Like seriously.




Do it for the passion, do it for the love. When it’s all said and done, do it for the fun. You got to enjoy what you do, whether writing, blogging or anything. It’s the drive to keep you going when the going isn’t good. There will be days that are so jammed pack. There will be days when you feel overwhelmed. But we just got to push through, and deliver what we love.

Think of each post as gift to the world. Just keep giving and one day the world shall return gifts to you.

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Today I learned that being open and letting people in will give you better understanding of your true purpose. I ran into 4 old friends today. Had to say Happy New Year all four times. Life is getting a little more interesting. Gym is life, health is wealth and I am working things out smoothly.

What is a problem you would like to fix in your life today?
My question to you…