I got promoted today at work. It’s a good feeling. I wasn’t there personally for the announcement but hey, I was active working at another company with the same title I just received. Life is so funny as times.

Have your ever being promoted at work? What’s the first time you thought after being promoted?

For me, as soon I am promoted, I am oh god, all eyes is going to be on to to hope I mess up. Promotions at any job for me is just weird, I know I was the guy good for the title, but never got it when I worked for it, it’s always after and no one else they wanted to promote came further, ha ha, Okay that could have been a joke and also could be true.

I do have to give it up to one manager in life that gave me the opportunity to be promoted 3 times in one year. He is going to be remember forever for taking a chance on me and let me do what I do well, which is take on the worse job in the workplace and blow it out the water in success.

I must admit, I do have an anxiety problem with climbing up the ranks in a company to a top position I want. It never works out well. I always tend to reach the position I wanted for a higher level at another company. Why is that though hmmm?




When you are up you are up, so don’t stoop low. Lift up and stretch your legs and grow. Today I trained a new associate, fun times. I definitely had that in my skill set, I am an expert team builder and trainer to new employees. I never thought I would take a liking to building a team from nothing to something. But now it’s like a super talent I own.

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When positivity strikes where will you be? Today for at work, I was happy to meet 3 more amazing women trying to change their lives for the better. The happiness they displayed to me as I shared my story with them was wonderful. My co-worker, I worked with today in Manhattan, New York the place of horrible traffic, nowhere to park and wandering traffic police officers, happened to be a happy and lovely place today.

My co-worker and I were so happy to work with each other, it was just pure magic and understanding and teamwork rolled up in a big ball. The positive energy and laughs were so natural, the creativity and like-mindedness moments of clarity were to die for. It was all in all a great HUMP DAY…We definitely got over the hump. Happy Wednesday.

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