Drink This and Pass It Around [#Roulette]

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Drink this and pass it around for everyone wants to hear this or care.  I feel people spread things around (word of mouth) about foolishness they encounter and I guess think everyone thinks the way they do and care for what they have to say.

Drink this and pass it around, is like a lie certain people came about knowing and decides to share it with their closest peer as if the peer  really cares.
[examples: rapture, world ending, may 21, 2011, nicki minaj ass, who is sleeping with who, which celebrity just went to rehab or jail]

Drink this and pass it around, is like an illegal and harmful drug that seems to got popular by the it/popular rapper of the moment, and cause you do stupid things.
[examples: wiz khalifa, lil wayne, purp, syrup, cough medicine, weed, Kush, drake, marijuana, stupid raps, kat stacks, Charlie sheen, winning, tumblr, rick ross, snoop dogg, carter 4]

I think people need to spend more time evaluating the substance they are digesting then consume it and regurgitate it to everyone around, as if everyone gives a damn with the stupid things that populate this world.

Be Stupid

Do you know of a person that loves to gossip or copy and follow everything they hear that is going on, instead of formulating and stay firm to their own individual beliefs?

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Charlie Sheen is LOSING, Boo [#EPIC FAIL]


Charlie Sheen was winning, now his is losing, can you say EPIC FAIL? I can. Sorry Charlie, apparently your winning campaign is having you booed off stage. Things happens though, he surely did have the exposure, the media’s ears and eyes, and super popular, but sometimes that’s just not enough. At least I figured he made money doing interviews before he kicked off his tour. Poor Charlie.

What do you think of Charlie Sheen?

I found him funny and cool in the past, Major League, Money Talks and others, but now a days, ehhh I have moved on. But those movies are still great though.

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My Fierce Competition Is Me

I am always competing to win. It’s one of my favorite pass time. You might find it a bit weird but its not about wasting my time trying to have an upper hand over others, but I compete mostly against myself. I am my only fierce competition.

There may be others that way better than me in certain things, we do live in a large society, but there is only one of me. My potentials and achievements are what I go head on head against. How faster I can do this, how long I can manage that, how effective I can be doing this, are some of pressure I put on myself to become better.

So competing against myself is like my audition or warm up to go against the world’s competitors. So if I practice fierce competition with myself, then when it comes to others I am already going for the win. Let’s do it.

Do you compete against yourself?

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