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Its Martin Luther King Jr. Day – I Have A Dream

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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and he is known for the famous speech of “I Have A Dream“.  He is also known for so much more in this world and help changing the politics of black men and women in America and is greatly noted for it.  I just want to thank him for it and wish everyone a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

PS: Oh yea I have a dream too, I actually wrote a song/poem from like 3 years ago in dedication to his most famous speech, but unfortunately it’s not finished or ready for the world, but when I its I will gladly update this post and also share it with the world.


This Weekend is Website Weekend

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Hello Everyone,

I after a long week of work and crazy workouts at the gym, I am ready to keep putting in some more hard work, but it’s mostly targeted to my blog and website.  I am currently working with 2 music artist and will be doing design and website work for them to bring their media and content to the world.  I also have a couple of meetings also with 2 models in which I am trying to recruit for my model management service in 2011.  I hope all goes well and I am able to give them a great site and host couple great meetings.

Having to work on others website, (yes I will be getting paid for this lol) I came to realize my websites have been a little forgotten seeing that I am doing more videos and design work in which I have to direct and produce.  Having finished these productions, I have failed to put them on my website and blog in the effect I wanted to.  Hmmmm, so you know what that means right? C’mon I just told you is WEBSITE WEEKEND, lol…I am going to work on websites all weekend.

Thanks for reading.
It’s always a pleasure to write something worth reading.


*Richardo Wilson is a college graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems and Business Management, and he is also a NYC Website Designer, Photographer and Computer Tech.  If you would like to contact Richardo for any services or just some consultation, feel free.

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