Today I learned that being open and letting people in will give you better understanding of your true purpose. I ran into 4 old friends today. Had to say Happy New Year all four times. Life is getting a little more interesting. Gym is life, health is wealth and I am working things out smoothly.

What is a problem you would like to fix in your life today?
My question to you…


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Things I Say And Don’t Do, Call ME A LIAR

Liar Game
Liar Game (Photo credit: 邪恶的正太)

I say I am going to sleep, but guess what, I don’t.  Sleep what is that?  Is that something people do?  Is that what I should be doing?  I guess it sounds fun to say to others that I am going to do that task.  But then again do others really believe I do that?  I would think they are weird if they do.

Do you sleep?  How many hours do you sleep on average?

Some may say I am an insomniac, but I think not.  I choose not to sleep.  I sometimes wish there were more hours in the day just so I can use it to sleep, then again, given that much extra time, I might use it to do more work.  I guess this post should be really titled INSOMNIAC vs WORKAHOLIC or most definitely, A LIAR vs FAITHFUL BELIEVERS .

Either way you look at it, me going to sleep, umm is a rare occurrence if ever.

What do you say to others that you don’t do?  Do you consider it lying, if you actually have a really good reason or purpose of not doing in which other’s don’t believe in or think is valid?

Let me know…

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Richardo Wilson

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Invisible Truths


The invisible man
The invisible man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We lie….shhh
We cheat…oh yes
We cry…so sad
We steal…trust me you did

Whether unconsciously you see or you don’t you have committed these actions.  Can you admit it or deny it, it’s up to you.  Will you be honest?  It’s just the truth.

– Richardo

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