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My New York City Lifestyle – When Nature Calls, In My Pink Bejeweled Headphones – [#MNYCL]

My New York City Lifestyle - rawmultimedia

Another day in the city of mines, I have been busy.  I been moving and grooving with tunes beating in my eyes.  Mostly the tunes of old school R&B songs and lots of 1990‘s songs and early 2000‘s, beating loudly through my pink bejeweled headphones.  Yup, there was no error there, I said it, pink bejeweled headphones.  I get a lot of eyes from the guys and girls, on the train, on the bus, out in public, at the gym and at path-mark when I stroll through loving my music and singing along.  I love spring time.  More people, more eyes to see me do the things I like.

I been out a lot lately via its nice out in New York City, where the women are dressing more sexier and a bit too revealing also.  Since it’s spring I am more active and more much busy.  But when nature calls, I must answer.  I have big dreams, and I want to meet so many new people.  Do you want to meet me?  I actually want to meet you.  Maybe we can go grab a cup of coffee, go see an art gallery, or just go sight-seeing in New York City.  If you are ever around, hit me up (

My words to you.  Go out and enjoy the weather.  Read a book.  Learn something new.  Nature is calling you.  Do you hear it?

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“When nature calls, you should listen up”

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