Finding Clarity

Finding clarity in life is a quest. We all have a purpose, or a reason for being here. Our times may be short or slightly extended, so are we keeping tabs on who we are, or will we continue pretending? Self love is the key. What do you think of yourself? Does others thoughts about you matter? What is the inner you like?

I trust this post reach you well, as I too have had these questions. Mentally I had to tackle my thoughts, memory with reflections, as I aim for clarity. On a mental note, I practice self love much more this days. I treat my mind and body as special vessels that carries me through the day.

My delivery of words have change, I listen a lot more than I speak. My mood with language has adopted new highs, for with reading my books and unlock the knowledge of others, I have became a better version of me. You can do it too.

Helpful Tips

  • Read for 10 mins a day
  • Go for a walk for 15-30 mins (just get up and go)
  • Meditate for a few minutes per day (just a few minutes of silence will help your nerve)
  • Be sure to breathe (inhale and exhale)
  • Drink more water


A big opportunity for you to do, is find things that inspires you. Just think of things you adore, you love, that might make you smile. A simple google share can do. Or step it up a bit more, search for inspiration on instagram and pinterest.

Photo by Suresh Kumar

“Life Life Unscripted”

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I have way too many things on my plate, like literally, I need to stop eating certain foods and break away from bad habits. Most likely I need to stay away from certain stores and people, they are bad influences. So had a good run going for converting to Vegan and then I was forced to eat some amazing chicken (something another), some Spanish food…

Oh yea, I do admit my failures… failures are key motivators in life. Also I failed at my 300 sit-ups a day for 60 days. I am just failing all summer… but today the 9th I started back over and working towards the big goal once again.

I need to be tougher and stricter. Strength No Weakness