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Hi Spring, where have you been?  I have been waiting on you.  I am happy you have arrived, just please take off your shoes when you wall into my home.  And please, open up your schedule for we have lots of fun, photos, laughs, food, and goodies to get to in 2018.

Are you happy for spring?

For me, being in New York City, we have a snow day, a big snow day the day after the first day of spring, go figure right.  Happy Global Warming…

But hey, it’s still spring though in my mind. 🙂 YAY



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Welcome it’s March, it shall soon be SPRING

English: Karen Pang. VP of Awesomeness
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Awesomeness (Photo credit: jhmorri)

I am excited that March is here, it shall be the second month of new term on my blog season.  I break my year down in seasons.  January of each year is the off-season, and the season begins from February to June…much like a school term, then the mid year off season of awesomeness which is July, in which is my birth month, then right back for August to December for the yearly wrap up and etc.

Anyways for March I have a contest coming out and a blog mash-up set in place, I am still going over the details, and other goodies for my subscribers and the blog community.  I also plan on doing a blog and video maker meetup in New York City in April, which I think might be big, and I am so excited, but I must focus on March first.

So watch out for so much awesomeness and quality entertaining blog posts coming your way.  I want Spring of 2012 to be a great success and worth while.

So thanks for reading, and trust me when I say this, you are going to be glad you are here and actually going to want to drop some comments some enough to be locked into the fun we are set to have.

So think GREEN, and be Happy.

PS: Another awesome thing for March is that my younger brother is going to be 21, I am so freaking excited for him, so I wish for him to have a great birthday, though it’s at the end of the month.  Also he has just recently took a dive into the blogging community here on WordPress, so go check him out if you got a chance, he just starting out. Twitter: @Mr_rCane and WordPress: