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Confidence and Commitment, And Dreaming Big


Dreaming the hours away
Dreaming the hours away (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe to make it somewhere or to be that someone you always wanted to be you will need confidence and commitment.  I always try to help others be themselves and appreciate those who are already themselves and giving back to others who may need some inspiration.  For me to stay committed to a belief may be an easier task via my discipline and conditioned ambition to be great.  But at the end of the day it’s still a constant grind, not everyday will be your day, not every year will be that pivotal one, but the never giving up attitude and hard work does pay off in the long run.  Some people need more support and more belief from others, and the first step is to seek out others that does that.  Once you have a system and someone who believes, you should use that as your strength and break all barriers set before you.

“Be confident and commit to a goal.”

Here are a few I have done, and others people would like to aspire to do:

Be a better blogger/writer
Love more openly
No more cursing
Be more social
Write your first book
Go to the gym more often
Call a friend instead of texting
Try new things
Be a better listener
Help someone without wanting anything in return
Be less selfish
Be more supportive
Make the team
Find a great job
Graduate from school

We can all do something, but it all we need confidence and commitment to see things through.  This is just a reminder on life and without trying, how would we know if we would really succeed.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading

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Excited To Be Alive


Live Like We're Alive
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As my mother said, “some of us are put on this earth to bear a burden and others are just set here to live”, I am not exactly sure if that’s the exact words she used but, the point is that some of us struggle all our lives and others live carefree with no trouble in the world.  The carefree people live to use, abuse, and leave burdens on others while the others struggle trying to make themselves better, and hit with all the pressure and downfalls that comes with life.

Mostly the ones that struggle are the creative artists, and kind-hearted people of the world, but it’s how they can transform their hardships into a meaningful lifestyle or let go and do the right thing that is the major challenge.  Unfortunately I am in the category of a struggling artist and the person that is hit with all the burdens and responsibilities in life, but at the end of the day, I am happy to be living.

I try to help others no matter how difficult or how bad I feel, because I am alive, and I have love in my heart and I am able to breathe air out of my lungs.  I don’t need much from the world but the chance to live and help others be something I probably won’t be able to be.  It’s also good to find others struggling or thinking of giving up on the world and tag team to success.  It’s possible, so just try, and keep trying and love yourself for trying.  It will be worth wild one day, even if the one day is not tomorrow.

So stop hating the world, or the carefree people who fill the world, just be glad that you are alive and in it.  It actually really matters and you contribute to the goodness of life.  Think about it.

Are you a carefree person?  Are you living a struggling life?  What are you doing to change that situation or helping overcoming that problem?

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Richardo Wilson


6 Weeks, 10 Days to Change My Life…

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2011 was very chaotic year for me.  There were a lot of downs and very few ups.  Most of my ups were created by me and not by others, like every other year.  I am not saying I choose for it to be that way, but working or helping others usually throws more bad drama or a lot of waiting my way than any progressing.

I just recently which 100,000 views on my blog that I am excited about, it’s a very major accomplishment for the year for me.  I never thought I would be so great of a blogger,  writer and content creator to reach such results.  There was a lot of hard work and focus that went into that, but I still can’t believe it.  I started off the year if 50,000 views be my extreme goal, but happen to double that.  I would pat myself on the back but my shoulder is actually injured and hurts a lot, but I still have more goals to reach.

So as the post states, I have 6 weeks and 10 days to change my life.  What am saying is set in a code and logic for what I am going to do in my life.  Oh course, the 6 weeks refers to the amount of time left in this year in my eyes, but the 10 days means something completely different, that I can’t really relieve as yet.

I want a better life for myself, I want to reach the peak of the mountain I have been climbing so long, I want to be seen and known for the creative professional and great person i know I am, I want to work at a job that challenges me and believe in the same beliefs as me, that is to achieve GREATNESS and give back to the world.

I need to change my life and be the and do the things I always knew I can do…Live Life again.  Be Free again.  Be creative like I am always trying to work hard at being.

6 weeks, 10 days to change my life is here…which the time left what shall I do?  I want to be here, do it now, and live forever.

Wait and see.

What are you planning to do before the year is up to change your life for the future?

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