In order to achieve, you have to give forth something. This is my first post of 2020, and I must flex my muscle to write and create. I have a new vision and purpose for this blog and site, and in the coming days and weeks, it shall be sparkled with delight with it’s new content.

I am working and have recorded two pilot podcast episodes and I am very happy with them, I hope to debut and really get behind launching this piece of content.

Please stay tune, and there are more to come.

I hope to showcase the resources of the world here and create a hub or amazing posts for people to use and better their lives with.

“If you have a voice, use it, for you don’t know who may be listening.”

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Lead with your truth intentions, and the world will reward for it. I have found old footage of myself that inspired me to keep on keeping on. It’s a long journey to get to something that’s hard to break. So keep on finding news to be yourself.

Don’t ever let someone tell you, you have to do something, or if you don’t do something to help them that they caused, that will affect their outcome. It’s called cause and effect, based on what someone chooses to do, for in life there is “choice” don’t ever feel guilty and do something you don’t want or need to do. We all have the power of choice, whether good or bad.

Stay grounded.


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The Lone Runner

Lone Runner

Ever since I came to the United States, I have been a lone runner.  No team work, no one to help me fight my battles, just me.  Coming from a community oriented up bringing in which I had in Jamaica, with supportive neighbors, best friends, family and friends I came into a world, surrounded by individualism.  People working for only themselves and themselves alone.  I was confused by this notion and I was hurt to see the foolishness of how someone can be so close but so distant.  From the age 11 I told myself I am going to be different.  Even though I train and build myself as a lone soldier in this world, I will never act as such with others, I am going to make the difference I help anyone I can help.  I may not have a lot to offer as material things, but my core elements are superb at most and very hard to penetrate.  I always pride myself on my defense skills and have balanced I am.  It is not an easy task to create a hard shell and still be a soft inside to help and see pain and can know how to offer support and help to other even when they don’t know how to ask.

But with all my trials and errors, I always looked for someone to offer that same tiny help or boost I needed to actually become even a better helper, but there is no one in sight.  I trust in GOD and he have kept me going.  Even when I think I am alone and without any direction, I am confident he is by my side, trying to point me in the right direction.  Though alone in my pursuit to become great, at least I am trying, and never giving up.

Have you ever been a lone runner in your quest for anything?  Who is your biggest supporter in life?  If you can have anyone be more there for you who would it be?

Thanks for reading