Naturally, I can’t complain because far too many things don’t stay the same when it comes to me. I am always improving and always ready to change or adapt to meaningful results. Today was a smooth and intelligent day of time management and also a calm relief of happiness knowing my next commitments are very powerful.

Sometimes the world sends you reminders and pats on the back of goals or a journey you are willing to take. So when you hear those reassurance, you feel more compelled to follow through.

Better Health & Fitness
Better Skin Care and Self Care
Smarter techniques to be more disciplined

The items mentioned above are all the things I kept hear coming through every single interaction I had today. I am happy to notice it and is ready to keep the focus alive.

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one thing we must do
In life, there are many things happening daily, well more like every second of the day.  In those instances, we do forget to do absolutely one thing each day.  That one thing we must do and not forget is to express to ourselves how much we love ourselves.  Self-love and appreciation is a key to a happy life.  The simple thing of just saying thank you and trusting in your decisions is so important.
I know this post may sound all simple and like common sense, but trust me, there is a lot of people who don’t love themselves and are depressed most the time even when they are doing the best they can.
Please everybody, your life, and your happiness are important.  Make it a priority.

Thank for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson




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In The Gym Today – The Basic Warm Up [Workout and Fitness]

Welcome to the Healthy Lifestyle with In The Gym Today,
November 8, 2010


Working out and eating right is not just something you do to lose weight or recover from a injury, but it is a lifestyle to participant in and keep on working on.

I started In The Gym Today in an attempt to track my progression of fitness, health, and wellness throughout living my life, and I just want to share with the world and hear feedback and opinions and accomplishment from others as well as create some myself.  So read on and join in on the fun.

Today in the gym: November 8, 2010

Today is a light day for me in the gym, pretty much did an hour workout.  Starting at :7:30 am and ending at 8:40 am.  I am do better workouts and my energize hitting the gym early in the morning, so I run over to Bally Total Fitness get my workout in and then start my day.

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De-Briefing: While I am still injured from a on-going issue with my left shoulder and chest, I am unable to use my left arm to full capacity.  I can’t take any amount of pressure on it.  I must give this checkout ASAP for it not helping me reach my target performance workouts and aid in my weight lost and gains.  Certainly affects me working when lifting heavy things.  So while I am laying of any upper body workouts, I am trying to better exercises to start developing and building my legs, quads, abs and I guess everything lower body until the upper body back to normal.

Today is just my intro so its quite short.

Things I did today:

Light Warm up: 5 mins (stretches, jumping, jogging)

10 reps

Ab Crunches on Exercise Ball
25 reps

Running in circle with (Member Class Area)
6 mins

45 sec

Crunches (using exercise ball)
60  reps

Manual Bike (standing and sitting every 1-2 min internal)
*heavy tension standing, moderate when seated.
6 mins

Cool Down Exercises
3 mins

Stay Tuned to In The Gym Today, as I give tips, share results and make gains towards a healthy lifestyle.

Your GYM Ninja and Yogurt Lover
Richardo Wilson