As another day rolls around, I am getting closer to my daily logs of thought and finally have a system that I feels works. As my pending podcast is leaving it’s testing stage, I feel free to be ready to let my worries away and release it to the world.

As my blog can show I have been trying to develop a daily pattern and a overall theme for writing daily that will be a hit with an audience. I surely want to teach, talk and excite in my writings in which I feel is my motions going further back to my vlog series on youtube. So it’s all about staying on track to deliver.

I been getting more rest than anything to fill in for the days of no sleep or less sleep that’s soon upon.

So I am just open to the world and letting people in on my thoughts what goes through my mind each day and the progresses I have and will make.

Be open everyone. đŸ™‚



The Sunday Blues…fighting the sleep

Turf Wars - Missing in Action
Image by Pranksky via Flickr

Its sunday night and I have been relaxing and trying to fight off the urge to sleep but to blog. I have been missing in action of my content, and wanting to plan a party before the end of the year with my friends. I believe I will keep it simple and just bring the entertainment and fun portion to the night. I feel when it comes to my content the substance will always be pure comedy and realism. I like to make sure everyone is entertained, whether or not they know it, they will be having a blast when I am around. The only thing that is affecting me is actually get the time to put in the work to deliver what already comes naturally in which I have to produce and develop by myself. But regardless of whatever, even though I am in the blues mode of things, I am still excited to plan my content and projects and can’t wait for it to be seen and noticed, and delivered onto my audience whether friends, family or the people.

PS: I love to sleep because I don’t get enough of it, but hey I love to work, because work is fun and I enjoy the creativity of my work.

Do you have the blues to about anything about you?

Thanks for reading.