Today was not left up to chance. I was ready and able. I was in the penthouse suite today in Manhattan, New York and oh my gosh was the view amazing. I feel like anything can be possible. I just need to apply more of my skills and time, and not get called out of play.


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Weirder Things Had Happened

Why people believe weird things, by Michael Sh...
Why people believe weird things, by Michael Shermer. (Photo credit: Xosé Castro)

Everyday someone experience something or a certain situation and think it’s the craziest thing they have seen, but truth is weirder things had happened.  I live in the real world in which impossible is possible, it’s just not always seen by everyone.

Love, hate, death, poverty, exile, and all sort more exist and in many different forms, so what is really left?  There is always more variations to go around, so if something bad has happened to you, though it may heart-felt or close to the heart, remember that weirder things had happened before.

What do you think?  Is there anything that is too far-fetched that has happened?

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Richardo Wilson

PS: Open your mind, explore, experience and live.