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Tears Dripping Down My Face

A toddler girl crying
A toddler girl crying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the state of dreamland, anything is possible.  I had a dream fresh out of a real life situation or reality television drama.  I was crying my eyes out as I had a situation with a said ex girlfriend in which I had a kid with and I was trying to make it right with her for the child sake, but she making it hard.  It was so crazy the depth and feelings I was expressing in the situation and it just had that real tone of love and parenthood within in it.

These things happen everyday in real life.  In my life, a situation like that is less likely to happen, for I am not the crying type of person.  I take hard times and the struggle like a chip on the shoulder and keep it moving and work for the best.  It’s the most vulnerable I have ever seen me or even dreamt me being like.  It was so surreal and scary.

Has this ever happen to you?  Do you know of anyone who have ever been in this situation?  Have a dream have ever scared you like this in any subject manner?

Let me know, share.

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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Be The Best [Real Life Quote]

real people
real people (Photo credit: the|G|™)


Be The Best [Real Life Quote]
“Exercise your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses and be the best.” – Rick

We can all be the best we can if we work at it. It takes times, it takes exercise and it take focus. When we take the time to work on a problem, exercise/train on ways to eliminate the problem and keep doing it until it’s gone then we can be a better person. For we have accomplished the task and now know how we did it and how long it took. So if the problem arrives again, we can follow the same procedure or surpass it quickly through shortcuts via it is on familiar grounds.

So go out there and be the best. And always pride yourself on your strengths whether it is, and work on and be aware of your weakness.  Believing in yourself and showing yourself you are in for the long run and you will be doing it even when the odds are against you will prove greatness when you rise above.

What do you think?  Did you ever have to work on a dream for years?  Share this with someone who you think I might help…great things take time, but take practice and practice to perfect and achieve.

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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Don’t Let Facebook Lie To You, She is UGLY

Online and offline conversations

I know people are more active on Facebook and taking some old habits from MySpace while talking to girls online.  Since we all on Facebook, please don’t let it lie to you.  The girl you think is smoking’ hot on your Facebook friend list or really want to add, is not even that pretty in real life.  I don’t know why people still get hyped about a crazy good-looking girl or guy online.  An online personality is not what the person is in real life.  People are very brave when they hide behind walls, but in person, they can be a completely different person.  If I met someone online in person, and we happen to go to a club or late movies or something, please believe I have not met the same person, for dark lighting gives off a blurred image.

I like to go out in the afternoon, or so, so I can see the person, the face, and fully see who this person is.  I know others have been tricked by some Photoshop or how the person posed to make it seem that they have more than what they don’t have in reality.

That hair in the photo, WIG…

That car he posed up next to, NOT HIS…

Those boobs look like some D’s, they are B’s…

Those clothes he wearing, STILL HAVE TAGS ON THEM…

She looks long and sweet, and she smiles…SHE DOESN’T SMILE AT ALL…

He looks tall in his photos, HE IS 5’1…

Be warned my friends, it’s a FAKE world out there on the internet.

Have you ever been fooled by an online profile?  Have you met someone online, who is the opposite in real life?

Thanks for reading