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It seems like a constant rat race, or crab in a barrel type effect I see these days in our modern world.  More and more, people are so selfish in their pursuits, that they don’t seem to do well with their friends, family or peers.  A great deal of us wants to be better, do better, but it’s sometimes for the wrong reasons.  Who really wants to be left behind?

I would say I don’t, but it’s all based on what I am chasing.  I am not chasing the fame, the money, the galore, but more of the freedom of mind, space, and opportunities.  I keep challenges building for myself to put myself ahead or what the norm is doing or cares about.  So I tend to opt out quickly to silly trends and fads that society brainwash us in chasing and consuming.

So when people tend to leech on my time and skills to help them, they don’t want to help themselves, it hurts me a bit to say I must flee quickly.  I can’t help if you keep tugging at basic things when the world is still large enough to explore and take a piece for yourself.

What are your thoughts?


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Lost But Found | Real Life Poetry

Where the Lost Ones Go
Where the Lost Ones Go (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lost inside while outside I still explore,
I can’t seem to find the keys to these doors,
Blocked in by this inner wall solid to the core,
If only I can create my own keys to these doors,
I know who I am but just not what I want to be,
I have a lot of options but which one is the real me,
On the edge of sit I am day in and day out,
I was once lost, but now I found my way out.

Let’s all just shout it out…


I free wrote this piece as I am settling into bed for another week of work.  I am on curiously looking for another job, well let’s say career path that’s more challenging compared to where I am right now.  I know what I would like to be doing or where I want to be, but lost in the journey in getting there.  So I spending the next few weeks tackling my future plans and trying to be found in the world for those that are lost looking for a hero, or the one the holds the keys to the door they are trying to open.  (You saw how I wrote that last sentence? clever wording, not so true).

Hope you had a good weekend and start off on a happy new work or school week.

What are your thoughts?  Did you like the poetry piece?

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Richardo Wilson