Where should I be right now? Who should I be trusting? How many new risks and chances should I be taking?

In this state of mind I want to challenge my every being. It’s so hard to catching a certain habit, and it’s really upsetting. I just won’t give in. I have to fight harder.


This new WordPress format of blocks have me writing differently. It’s like less clutter, but I got to push the cards further in the sense of profile, creativity and placement. I am working on it.




I spoke with a random guy in Rite Aid (a store) today. It felt good and unforced. I learned a lot today by the way upon meeting him. Real people matter and don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The guy played a good and fun joke to get my attention to later find out we share the same high school, and also practice the same reading techniques and how we both are masters at researching.

I was wearing an OBEY hat, and he approached me and said, “I shall obey you my master, what shall I do.” Now yes to a regular person, you might dismiss the guy for a corny attempt, but I played right along and said, “I command you to have a great day today and share with the world a big smile.” He then smiled and we both laughed and I shook his hand and said hello. He then explained why he said what he said and I realized oh snap I did have the hat on.

We then shared a 10-minute conversation about where to buy the hat, to working out, to also which school we went to. Maybe he knew me or remember me and I don’t but it was a fun and engaged conversation.

The deep part of the conversation was how it only takes about 20 minutes per day to read a few articles online to be a much smarter human and willing to share info with strangers to help benefit their lives. This is like one of the mantras I live by, so to see someone do the same back to me, was simply amazing. Today was special and I happy to happened to me.

I definitely had to write about today.




Give the world the energy you want to see it display. It’s not going to be easy to see the things you want to see, but if you create it, then you will see the things through you for others.

I give off the energy of someone who knows what positivity feels like and when it’s received.

I just want better for people, it’s less about your wants but more about your needs.

Photo by Alexis Fauvet


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