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The Reason Life Is So Funny Sometimes


Look at you telling life what you fitting to do and it gives you what it wants to give you.  It’s like life has its own plan for you, but still, you want to fight life’s plan.  Oh yes, there are ups and downs in life and they seem to be planned.  It’s just how long do you have to hold on for the good, and how unprepared will you be for the bad.

I am having a pretty happy day in which why I posted this, but at the beginning of the day, it was terrible.  But somehow life took me for a ride.

Reads by: Richardo A. Wilson

Here there, life will do what life does, so just try to be a part of life, and just maybe one day you will truly understand and appreciate it for what it is. 🙂

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ferguson new mike brown grand jury verdict

Wow, as I was working out in the gym when they delivered the verdict on the news , I looked on the tv screen with disbelief that answer they released was true, no indictment.  I truly don’t understand how the justice system works.  It’s crazy in some way I knew the verdict would go something like this.  I hope to stay very far away from its ins and outs.

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One Eye On Those Noobs - RawMultimedia Photography Art

But That’s None Of My Business

People do shaky things in front of you, but sometimes to just don’t want to say anything, so we rally to mind our own business, and I do that well, do you?

RawMultimedia is showcasing photography inspired by art, lifestyle, fashion, travel and nature each day of November.

I hope you enjoy.

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