hello december

Keto Diet?  Can I do it?  We shall see… Here is December, one of my best friends, hopefully to you as well.  The year is almost at it’s end, what can we get into before it’s all gone?

Happy December everyone…
Happy Holiday Season… 🙂


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At A Stand Still: Unfiltered Thoughts

Lately I have been in at a stand still, it’s like I have a lost of words but just want to write for writing sake. Do you find that odd? It’s like I have ideas, I have projects I want to do, but to write the words to contribute to the projects itself is a task. On the other hand I just want to write and let out words and my unfiltered thoughts to the world.

It’s more like I just want to write on my blog and do video session videos of me saying what’s on my mind and not having a totally goal but for others to listen if they choose to. I just don’t know.

I think I am just going to do it. I don’t feel bad about doing it, I just want to let it out, whatever it is. I just want to be plain & transparent and black & white at the same time. I think that would bring me to feel better.

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Richardo Wilson


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Just A Few More Steps

So it’s been a heck of a year for me. I lost love, I learned more about myself, and I achieved a few new interesting friends. I would have to say that I fell short on my expectations of self. I didn’t 100% reach my goals.

I must admit I came pretty close to what I wanted, and in life things happen.

Truly I just want to go back to writing. I want to be better, and there are more opportunities to explore to do just that.

Just a few more steps to take along this path.

Where has 2012 left you at?

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Richardo Wilson