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Its Like The Weather Literally Wanted To Fight Me

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I mean I just had to make a bank run and pay some bills, and boy oh boy this new york snow to rain to FLOOD was epic.  I even popped out the boots I haven’t worn in like 4 years, (ok, I am lying) the boots I haven’t worn since last winter to be comfortable and stomp through to make 3 bank runs.  Gosh I hate residue of snow and the rain, ewwww.  Either way, you  should have seen me prep to leave the house, I was like a boxer, all breathing hard and keeping looking outside to see if the bully is out there to beat me up, and walking back and forth wondering if I can do it or not.  But like a champion I went out there in the snow rain with the heavy floods and beanstalk tall puddles, I stomp my way through to the banks and even grab some grub on the way home.  Now I am all wet, and happy to be back in the house, I decided to write this blog.  Now its time to feast on this grub and play some ps3 Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and some Fifa 2011 then into some Netflix, and enjoy my dry and cozy self.  New York, I will remember the horror you put me through just for a bank run on January 18, 2011.  You better watch your back.

Thanks For Reading. 🙂