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Focus is a hard thing to do, so why can’t we stop slipping down this slippery slope?  Our ideas, religion, race, and sex divides us so much.  But above all things, let’s keep it simple we try to do so much to be successful but never get to finish most of our ideas and see them through.  Are we scared of being successful in just area at a time?

I think we do, we don’t want to be trapped in putting everything in one bucket.  But I think that’s the point, is to do that, give your all and create a success and if after trying, we should venture into other things.

What are your thoughts?


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Wishful Wednesday: It’s Back, and It’s Black

Welcome to Wishful Wednesday (#ww #Wishful Wednesday) where you can wishfor anything in the world, and maybe it will come through one day.

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I am adopting a new format, similar to a friend of mine Slim Jackson for his EFF EM FRIDAY series on his personal blog.  It’s not like I am biting but I am been want to change it up in a new direction for this series for a while, so here it goes.

I wish for my series to stay fresh and cool at all times.  I want to stay relevant, by aggressive with my words and post to be somewhere other from in my head.  I must let most of my post loose in the world, to inspire and entertain.  Create something for someone who wants to read that causes more happiness and pleasure than pain.  We all have wishes, so let them fly, share with the world and let them talked about with others with the same likes.

I wish for sunny days and cool nights,

I wish I can be seen for being me and not my skin color,

I wish for dreams to be possible, and more probable,

I wish for late night loving and sweet romance,

I wish I could tell my boss what I really think without them getting mad, ego tripping.

What is your wish for today? Do you like or have same the same wishes as me?

Thanks for reading