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My Ultimate Goal of 2011: Canon T3i

Self Portrait III

I have made it official.  My ultimate goal of 2011 is to purchase the Canon T3i.  Though it may be not as powerful or great as the Canon 7D or the infamous Canon 5D Mark II, I am determined to get this mid-level camera.  I am a uber-fan of Canon, though i been telling myself to go the Nikon way as most people first pick mostly is a Canon, but I am still thinking about it.  Since I am leaving the realm of just full on photography and taking my well architect skills to a new height with videos and becoming a force to me reckoned with in multimedia and technology for New York.  The world should praise me as I work my hardest to get this camera.

Though it’s only $899.99 say at B&H Photo and Video or at Adorama, you still got to count in taxes, lenses, insurance (can’t go no where without that big boy), I am still looking at $1300 of the back basic.  With that, that’s really all I need for the skills don’t come with the camera, you bring your talents and skills to the camera and the works you produce.

So i am already on board with my first MAC purchase in March 2011, and my Pro Tools purchase of September 2010, I am just taking it step by step to be if not the number 1 Creative (all around) Multimedia Professional in New York, but one of the greatest in the long run.

Canon T3i (with the pull out screen) lol I am so coming for you.  The Canon T2i is also awesome, but I need a major upgrade from my Canon Rebel and taking my business to YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, your Local Film Festival right into your living room subscription service such as Netflix or Amazon.

Richardo is on his way…now it’s time to work his butt off and gain more clients, produce more high quality projects and network the HELL OUT of the world.

I have 3 great projects debuting this summer, including a debut hip-hop album, a poetry and art book, and a DJ groove 3 track music record, oh yea not to mention hopefully short-film series based on my YouTube weekly seriesThe Real Life with Richardo

Do you have an ultimate goal of 2011?  is there any awesome gadget coming out this year you are looking forward to getting?

Thanks for reading

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A Big Win In The Office Today

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I am pulling my hair out over the excitement of the win in the office today.  After weeks and weeks of craziness with my computers and production studio, finally things seems to be going the right way today.  Boy oh boy how I so excited.  Dreamweaver is finally back on my computer and so is my Sony Vegas.  The software cds were catching lots of errors and I had to do a whole lot of rebooting and computer tech tricks to bring my programs to life to work how I wanted them to.  Though there is still major works still left to do, like installing Pro Tools, Microsoft Office, and couple music and video converters, I am also back to my ultimate production station.


Mobile blogging via iphone touch

Welcome to the new hottest on the block, it’s called mobile blogging via iPod touch. I never thought I would have brought an apple product separate from an apple computer for the functionality of using pro tools, final cut pro, and the adobe creative suite, but here I am on the ipod touch and I and blogging. The king of media is soon upon us and his name is jixi, be prepared. Enjoy!