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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement
NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 16: Donald Trump makes presidential announcement at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Sands/Getty Images)

It pisses me off watching the news or tv to that fact that these suppose educated people tend to sat stupid things to a big group of people who watches them.  Of course I know the news manipulates stories, true, but there is still people in the world believes in watching the news to hear real and truthful stories of what is really going on.  They play on the notion that society “the majority” loves gossip, rumors, feeling superior to others and just ratchet & raunchy stories.

I hate it, I hate it, I can’t stand it.  I can’t bear to hear new reporters talk or report on things knowing that they know the game of politics and how the greatest to ever do it like Donald Trump plays with the media and shape how you view him.  It’s not only Donald Trump news I am talking about, but 90% of the news is just for views and ratings.

It’s way early to know who are the candidates for presidency and I know it is important to know who is who, and who is running.  But if all the information being given just sounds like fluff stories and gossip here and there, and not real issues and information to help us decide on who to elect as president or in general for us to form our own judgement, then why the hell are we watching and paying attention to clowns on tv?  There is too many distractions in front of us.  We have to escape it and find news to prevent foolishness to slip into our minds.  Let’s focus on more important matters and change what doesn’t fit in.

A friend told me to talk about real topics, talk about my thoughts, so I decided to write about it.  I don’t get caught out here following like a tail.  I decided educated myself to be better and be the head and lead my own thoughts and not what was hand fed to me.  I believe in living your life unscripted and creating your own path and it’s just sad to see how the world news reporting and social media invades into our lives and cause so much destruction to our sense of self and individualism.

*Please excuse me, if you think this is just a rant, rambling or may seem random and all over the place.  I just got stop watching things go by and not talk on real topics that is affecting others because it doesn’t directly affect me.  I just has to be said.

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If you have anything to say, speak up and let me hear your thoughts and opinions…

Let’s get the conversation going and change our lives…

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CHANGES [#Photography]

Changes - RawMultimedia Photography Art NYC


We have to make changes in life to help our growth, so what you do when it’s time to change?

RawMultimedia is showcasing photography inspired by art, lifestyle, fashion, travel and nature each day of November.

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English: A bored person
English: A bored person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pop culture and trends are amazing.  Just when you get bored, there is something crazy that happens to spice life back up and make you hunt to find out what everyone is talking about.  Who really wants to be left out in the world?  Do you want to be left out in the world?  Nope, sure you don’t, it would be similar not living, and we are very much pro-life over here on my blog.

I am pretty much on top or in tune with pop culture, even though I actually don’t let it rule my life or follow it like it is GOD or something, but it is interesting to discover new and cool things from pop culture.  If you are actually reading this or peep the title of this post and wondering what the hell did I write and what does it mean…well the background of the title is that PSY is a Korean music artist and he has a viral video going around the Internet.  It was released or debut in early July and in a month of release it has over 47,000,000 (as of today of my writing this) views on the video (here is a link to it and there are parody and spin offs of the epic video by people who are trying to gain some juice of it before it becomes a thing of the past.

Pop culture/viral events are very similar to fashion and beauty, one day it is hip and the next day or a bit later, you better not be caught wearing or following that trend.  Some people call it selling out to follow trends or being stupid and being drawn in by society, but think of it like this, do you want to be the same person forever?  Do you want to grow. adapt, and be better to help others?  How about create jobs or open doors for friends, family and more?  Well being popular and the IT PERSON in the world can do so.

So as I follow this trend and many others to just to get a bite of it and what people are actually searching for, why not help them find me, and then be happy they have found me and discover I have more about me and my content to stick around.

Do you follow trends and pop culture?  Do you know that fashion, tv shows, music and movies are actually part of pop culture and trends?  Name one of your favorite celebrity, and I bet you there was a time in life that person was the IT PERSON or had a chance at their 15 minutes to fame.

Let me know your thoughts, opinions and comments…:)

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