The pure happiest and thankful of a customer today was so epic. I felt so good showcasing what 2019 could bring for them. I know how trapped it feels sometimes when working from home and you just want to bring a level of joy to your life and into the home. And that’s exactly what I did today for two people.

There excitement makes me what to bring more joy in my life too. I love a good smile and passion for joyful thing.

When I think about writing and creating new content I have that burst of happiness to let it out to the world. To me it doesn’t matter even it connects with only one person, it’s just that connection you can create with someone is so dope. It’s almost like a lastly feeling in which that person remembers that meaningful moment.

When last has someone left a lasting impression on you?


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so guess what I did

After much anticipation and a world of procrastination, I give you are a video.  Oh yea, also my Youtube channel is back in business.  Sometimes it takes some crazy life event to make you move your butt and get things done.  Well in this case, actually release videos I have been storing up for days, months and years.  It’s time.


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Every 8th of the month, I am hosting a Meet and Greet on my blog.  Feel FREE to promote yourself.  Share a link to blog and leave a brief description of your content, whether you are a writer, photographer, poet, lifestyle blogger, art blogger, fashion blogger, you are welcome to interact and share your works.  Just be nice…

All bloggers are FREE to post a link to their blogs… FREE PROMOTION & FREE CONNECTION.  Let me see what you got to share…also this is a great way to discover new blogs, content, writers so it’s easy to find new friends, who may have similar content or writing style.

The goal of this Meet & Greet is to build a community of bloggers, writers, poets,  photographers, and more here on WordPress.

Remember to interact.  If no one does, at least I will visit your blog and may be able to do a good write up for you if you blog is super awesome and must be shared… 🙂

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