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Excuse me miss…, what’s your name? is exactly the line I wanted to say, but inside not brave enough to say what’s on my mind.  She is so fine, more than a tad bit unique, I can hardly speak, as I say good morning.  She walks in through the doorway and greeted me with a smile.  Maybe she likes me and would not say a word about it.  It’s like her little secret, you know women tend to have those little crushes but wait for the man to make a move to later tell that embarrassing story.  Those to me are too cute.

I have seen her too often to not know her name.  I said this to myself after multiple missed connections, I must know her name.  I even wrote it down and recite it to myself like a verse of rap or poetry, I must know her name.  After browsing around awhile, here she comes.  She had a question for me, much more like she made a comment about her current dilemma, and I was fully equipped with her answer unknowingly.  She said she needed a new item to save her time and money, but she doesn’t know what to do, and here I came to the rescue.  With a super optimistic style and flow of words, I revealed to her the golden answer she needed and to my surprise she agreed.  She needed to invest into something new, and this shining new item was it.  She then shot down the motions to the item because she was pressed for time, and I said no, you follow me NOW, come see what your life has been missing.  To my immediate surprise, she said yes.  She followed me, she listened, she heard my most soothing pitch.

After our joint conclusion of her coming back, to pick the item up, I asked her what’s your name, it’s too many times I have seen you and can’t politely greet you other than a wave, she kindly responded and told me her name…as I did mines.


As soon as I got her name, I felt like I was the man.  I was moon-walking everywhere, gliding on this high called success.  I got her name, how else am I to feel?  It’s almost like beating a difficult stage in a video game and you are going to the next level.  You are pumped, you are in the zone.  Don’t you be shy, you are now feeling yourself.

To be continued…


Let me know your thoughts…

Out of pure inspiration I wanted to write, random miscellaneous love letters, I hope you enjoy them…

Question: Have you got excited, like super excited after finding out someone’s name you had a crush on?

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Thanks for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson


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Wow, can’t believe I am writing this… (ha ha).  🙂  Wish me luck!

To the Cute Girl At the Gym:

How can I say this?  I don’t do this often, and I probably ain’t going to do this well, but I am confident I want to be your friend.  I see you doing your reps and getting it in.  We glance at each other now and then, it really gets interesting.  How quickly we look away when our eyes meet, it’s quite funny and oh so sweet, then we are back in our modes, working out, doing our thing.

I can tell you are about that life of happy moments and looking out for your health, so I ain’t going to try to run up on you being like other guys and over-step.  I know there are boundaries and ways you are to treat and approach a lady, but I can’t sit back and wait, got to live in the present, just maybe.  Tomorrow ain’t promised, and if it is real then everything good will come true, I just wanted to say hello, what’s your name, and how much a really wanted to meet you.

What’s your name?  My name is _________
I have seen you a number of times and just wanted to introduce myself.  I hope you are not thrown off my the way I have approached you, I really had to give it a try, I hope you see you around more, and can politely greet each other with Hi’s and Good-Bye’s. 🙂


I find writing letters cute and exciting.  I wish people meet up more and chat and write letters.  Words are such powerful things we all know, but some tend to can’t use them well.  In that sense, you should want to step your game up. 🙂

Over and Out.


Let me know your thoughts…

Question: Have you wrote a random open letter to someone to think you might like or like?


Thanks for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson


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In the world of multimedia and tech, I have been a busy bee.  Let’s rephrase that, I have been super active in my passions and talent.  It’s been a little while since I wrote a full post on my life and experiences, in which is coming back into play, so I keep my (day in the life 2016 page) is updated with all recent accomplishments and so on.

As of October, I am working on a short for a December 2016 release.  I am pretty such it shall be interesting for pleasant viewing.  It don’t have a full write-up ready for release as yet, but it’s surely on the way.

Upon executive producing projects, I am working on the release of Jixi Fox‘s new album release “Nemesis 2” in which I am super excited for him.  He is shaping up to be quite an entertainer in New York City.  Here is the look of his album cover for the release below…


I might be out of the woods and starting to shoot music visuals for the project as well.  It’s just an exciting time for creativity.  I just want to keep up the good work and also help other start their journey in the world of this dreams and aspiration.

Thanks for reading…
Richardo A. Wilson