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When you keep you eyes out for that sexy love, that’s you looking and seeking for your next eye candy.  This is how this series was developed.  You could be traveling the world, shopping online, out for a run and something just catches you eyes, and you say to yourself, “I love it”, “I want that”.  Here is my #EyeCandy of the day/week.


I have my eyes on you, this super awesome flexible cardio training punching bag by Everlast.  I want it so bad.  I love fitness, and I love kicking some ass, but these days I don’t have much friends to spar with, so I need an equipment to keep me in shape and to go crazy on.  This cardio bag, is perfect for me.  I can do jump kicks, punches, jabs, and all types of exercises.  I think I will have this item in the near future, of it is only $90, so I think I can swing that and get it.  They only issue I have is space.  Where shall I put it in my home. Hmmm?


Well go ahead, and let me know what is your Eye Candy to the day.  What is it in the world that currently has caught your eyes and calls to you every time?

Leave your info in the comments…and link if you decide to post that item on your website or blog so I can visit and leave a comment.

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Let me know your thoughts…

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Richardo A. Wilson


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I knew today I wanted to reach a peak in life.  Today would have been my cousin’s birthday if he was still with us.  I been thinking a lot about life and my legacy and each year, I think to myself, I want to get bigger and better.  So whatever I think about and put into action usually comes to pass.  But none of it came without a great deal of hard work, structure and commitment.

So today is the day I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to fallen family member, and raise my hand in cheers to today beating my ALL TIME VIEWERSHIP RECORD in a day of 3,780 views, which I received being Freshly Pressed on WordPress 4 years ago on June 26, 2011.

Today I reached over 3,950 views just today…

It’s like a wow factor at times of how long I have been working and building.  I can now say I am super proud of my efforts and my investments and to see my growth going up is a super great feeling.

What is a goal of yours in life currently?

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MUSE #Photography

Muse - Lifestyle Photography RawMultimedia Art nyc

If we are not looking, life can pass us by,
A good job, a good husband or wife, a beautiful child,
So if you hear good advice, take heed to them,
Listening and taking action, can make your life magnificent.

Photography by: Richardo A Wilson
Art Direction by: RawMultimedia

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