In life there are perks. Naps are like such blessings after a long day, how else can you win with a big smile on your face? I enjoy naps a lot. So after a long day of work and trying to solve problems at work, it’s home to bed and my pillow. I am happy, tired and about to be rested, then onto more works in life. 🙂

Do you like naps?

Photo by Alicia Gauthier

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So I am back with the humor once again.  I am in the mood of smiling and I have been cruising the web, as well parts of my life for something fun and interesting.  I am aiming to break free from the norm and bring a bit more attention to my life in great details.  The motto I follow in life is “Live Life Unscripted” and “Be Creative, Live Life, Be Sexy” in which I am always caught saying everywhere I go.  But lately I been a bit local and staying indoor via the New York City weather, but it’s getting a bit warmer and I got to get my butt on the road and do some things (much like the little piggy in the post as a gif).  I got some awesome ideas coming up in which I will be documenting via blogging, photograph and videos.  So expect some excitement live from New York City soon.

stunt pig and dog 2

stunt pig and dog 1


Have you been living life lately?  Who is your go to pal for fun or to get you outside the house?


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Joyriding on Tumblr and found these funny images and decided to share. 🙂  Oh yea, if you have a tumblr account you may follow me, aka LIVE SEXY, BE SEXY.  Cats are so awesome and cute.

Creep Life 1

Creep Life 2

Creep Life 3

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