The feeling of relief, the world is transforming. Today was the announcement day of my promotion and it was like okay, let’s get busy to work.

It’s far impressive how people have never met a guy like me…they trip over words, they feel they cross boundaries, but I am all good. It’s a tough skin that people can’t break me down, I am so laid back and effective people can’t believe how in auto-pilot I could get into. It’s bad because they start to self reflect and compare.

I don’t see why they do that, if we don’t have the same background and experience points.


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So every time I hop in the car, I am thinking to myself, how fast can I go today?  Well I know for darn sure, I am always going to do the speed limit, but that doesn’t stop my mind from wondering.  I have a craving for the speed, I have a need for speed.  Well at least I have the video game, I can always driving crazy fast in that and do all sorts of donuts and crazy moves…

What thoughts go through your mind in your car or when in a car?

Photo by: RawMultimedia (iPhone)
Location: Bronx, New York

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