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KD Sneakers… (purple)

EYE CANDY - KD Kevin Durant Sneakers - Purple - RawMultimedia Sexy Eye Candy Art

When you have your eye on something you want… #EyeCandy
Every time you see it, until you have it, it gets you that feeling… “I need you”.

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What’s one of your eye candy in life at the moment?

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Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat 99-76 HEAT WINS [EASTERN CONFERENCE WINNER]

Miami Heat logo

Miami Heat logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What every emotional game played.  The Heat step up and closed the game out in GAME 7.  Lebron getting alley hoops, Ray Allen & Cole hitting threes.  I was impressed they took the game serious and calm and take the in the paint shots.  Either way, they worked and earned and get to celebrate their third Eastern Conference.  I think the Pacers were excellent but just gave too much turnovers and also feel down on their game.  They had a nice system…I am looking forward to Heat and Spurs.

James with 32 pts, and Wade with 21 pts…

What do you think of the game?  Are you upset the Heat wins?

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Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat 97-93 PACERS WINS [WINNER RESULTS]

Indiana Pacers logo 2005–present

Indiana Pacers logo 2005–present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat the winner is INDIANA PACERS.  Score was 97-93.


The game was very competitive but the Heat kept letting the Pacers hold the lead almost the entire game.  That is not a good look to always be down between 6 to 10 points, and then catch up to tie or have a 1 point lead to go right back down.  Most of the points were played in the paint, and Heat were on occasion losing possession on 3 point shots that were going sore.


Did you watch the game?


Richardo Wilson