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So I am branching out on one of my first new adventures in life and that’s to learn how to draw.  Let me tell you first hand, I suck.  I really really suck.  Okay, let me put it in a better light.  My drawings do bring humor, and a unique storytelling, for what I draw only looks like sticks and circles on paper, but the story and entertainment lives in the captions I write of what you are looking at.

But let me get back to the main point, I want to draw, I need to draw, and it’s a skill I really want to take serious going further in my art and lifestyle craft.  So I am only left with this sentiment, how to start, and do anyone have any good tips or helping sites or practice that can help me on my way.

Can you help me?  PLEASE!!!  🙂


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Times Are Hard While Losing Focus – [Quote of the Week]

I'm going to need to axe you a question.
Image by iAMiAN_ via Flickr

My quote of the week series has returned to my blog.  let’s get inspired and be awesome altogether to better ourselves.

The Quote of The Week is:

“Times are hard…we can’t afford to lose focus…Some do, but then again not only is times hard, but to get back to being focus is even harder over time.”

By: Richardo A Wilson

What do you think of this week’s quote?

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