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Let Me Introduce You To Richardo

English: Reverse of a British Library staff bu...
English: Reverse of a British Library staff business card. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just dropping in and saying, how funny I get introduce by friends.  Well friends who actually knows me, that I am a man of multiple skills.  I guess my blog followers, well I call you guys friends also, if you stick around to like a post or say hello now and then knows me for the stay qualities.  It always gets me and cracks me up being introduced to others, my friends or family would be like, oh yea, this is Richardo he does EVERYTHING, then goes back to the conversation.  The person usually gets thrown off a bit and goes, well what do you mean by everything?  In which the disgust of having to repeat everything, they say it one more time, then tell me to explain what I do, in which I would be specific, then they go, umm oh wow, sounds like everything, do you have a business card?

Those encounters are very funny to me.  So crazy.  I remember a few years back when I was so proud of myself and had a million and one business card to give, and no one would ask.  Now I don’t even bring much around so I can tell people I don’t have one, so they can try to remember me by will to ever work with me.  I know it’s kind of counter productive for I would want to get more business and so on being a business man, but when you kind of do everything, then everyone wants to suck you dry, then believe since they met you, that they know you, so they won’t want to pay me, then I guess I am doing exactly what I should be doing.

What do you think?  Have this ever happened to you?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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Subscriber Interview: with MyZuriArt by Rawmultimedia

subscriber interview

Hello Friends and Fellow Creative Blog Community…welcome to a new series titled “Subscriber Interview“.

 my last interviewee: One Belle Of A Blog with (Kristina)

Subscriber Interview is a series on my blog where I, Richardo the writer/host of the blog talks and interviews his subscribers each week and find out a little more about them and what they do.  It’s designed to keep the blogging community alive and also show others who is out there in the blog universe. Without no further ado, here we go.

Today I get to interview the sexy and creative lady of art Alicia in which is one of my cool subscriber,  in which I love her work and would love to work with on a small project. She blogs about her abstract artwork and paintings and has a blog at http://myzuriart.wordpress.comZuri Art“.  She has a very great style for colors and blends and when I discovered her blog, I was very impressed.  I wished I could paint and do cool things too. 🙂 I hope you go and check her out. Well let’s find out a bit about Alicia shall we. Enjoy!

What is your name and what do you enjoy doing for fun?

Aye I’m Alicia and for fun I sing and listen to music while painting or editing photos, music helps it all flow. Other than that I’m a huge movie buff so my DVD player is always on and a spliff lit. I go out once in a while but I mainly chill.

Where are you from (city, state, country) and Nationality?

I was born in San Fernando Trinidad, of Trinidad and Tobago “Trini to de bone” I left when I was 3yrs old and I have lived in Philly most of my life but I’m still a Trini!

If a blogger and own a blog what is your blog about and what do you enjoy about blogging?

You can follow my blog at I am an artist who loves to share her talents so my blog is full of vivid and vibrant photos of my paintings or abstratography [it’s my of photos in abstract form] I am very new at “blogging” but I can say that I do enjoy seeing everything that everyone has to share and that’s just on wordpress, I haven’t even really gotten out there yet, lolz

What would someone enjoy about your blog or about you?

A sense of positivity, I can say that if you don’t feel the good vibrations then your just not in tune (lolz).  I am all about honesty and keepin it real. This world is not sweet and I am not one for sugar-coating anything. I take life for what it is and with my blog I am able to share my art and my point of view through my painting and photos.

What do you do mostly on the Internet?

Editing Photos, WordPress, Facebook, ArtBreak, Pandora is always open, Shopping when I don’t need to, and I’m always looking up info on becoming a better artist.

Why did you become a subscriber to Richardo’s blog?

I liked the whole feel of the site it was kool, has a great eye for photography and the articles where relevant.. I dug’em.

Is there a favorite post or something you enjoy the most about Richardo’s blog?

I can say that in Jan you did a photography spread that I enjoyed a lot.

Name one or a few of your Guilty Pleasures?

Sleeping in late more like a bad habit (lolz)
Candy even though I’ve been real good lately
Purple lolz I’m more likely to buy it just because it purple, now do I need it smh
MaryJane nuff said.

What were some of your favorite childhood activities?

Color by number call me crazy but I use to keep a folder of my best ones lolz
K’Nex I loved building things mostly for my Barbies lolz
My Imagination was real serious back then I really kept myself preoccupied with my own thoughts… and I still do

If you had $10 in your pocket, what would you spend it on?

If I’m hungry then, I’m getting something to eat; but other than that it depends on the situation.

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?

Bob Marley, I just want to sit and listen to him talk and play the guitar

What inspires you to write or read blogs?

The search for knowledge I love finding out things and I believe that blogging (even though very opinionated) still gives you a feel of what’s going on through the eyes of a regular person and not so much the “news”

What’s your favorite type of music or you listen to frequently?

Neo Soul R&B and Oldies Songs and music with a Positive message

What’s one of your favorite movies and why?

One of my newest fav’s are Ip Man 1&2 the whole philosophy of Win Chun and the martial arts is bananas just two great movies.

Any good tips or good advice for up-coming bloggers?

Be patient your following will come as long as you pursue what you luv and want to share your blog will be successful Faith Trust Believe

What is are a few things you are very passionate about?

My art painting taking photos and writing ( I am going to get back into writing a lot more)
Remaining Positive Faith Trust Believe
Color even though I love wearing black,
Music listening to Neo Soul R&B and Oldies

What is a day in your life-like? (activities)

Well I’m getting used to living my life the way I want it now for once because before I always had a “job” but now I am pursuing my life as an artist:

Waking up to paint, photograph or edit photos
If I have to Host [b/c I am a Hostess at 2 great restaurant and bars in Philly The BoilerMaker & The Farmers Cabinet look’em up and check’em out]
When I get off I come home and blog n facebook, VistaPrint

And in some time in between that I have to live my life see my friends go grocery shopping and a bunch of odds and ends

What is a goal for you in life?

To have a well-known art gallery and studio of my own. For ZuriART to be a well-known name. I have goals to travel and spending months living on islands.

A favorite treat or food you love?

Chicken Roti ooohhh llluuuvvvvv!!!!!!!

Either Or Neither: Game – (just quick responses, you choose one or the other and a short reason why)

Coffee or tea? Caramel Latte Yum

Gym or Party? Chillin that’s what I prefer

Morning or Night? Night

Ice Cream or Cake? Both

At the park or At the Bookstore? The park with a camera, sketch pad, colors & headphones…

I guess I’m not too good at following the guidelines but I guess that’s why I am an abstract artist lolz

I want to thank Alicia for taking part in this week’s interview, and if you enjoy her responses and getting to know her, please take some time out and check out her blog and content. Be sure to stay tuned to next time of Subscriber Interview with Rawmultimedia, you could be next. If you haven’t yet and/or just tuning into this blog, please consider Subscribing & Following, and enjoy creative content and series from the eyes and mind of Richardo.

Name: Alicia Adanna
Facebook: ZuriART

PS: I choose a person by random each and every week. To be able to be considered to be apart of the “Subscriber Interview” simply subscribe to the blog and become a reader, you will definitely enjoy your time here.

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With Open Arms & A Hand Shake

Hug (Photo credit: Cliph)


I really don’t know how to say it, but I am very appreciative for all the support and followers aka “blog ninjas” that came by my blog in the past two weeks.  I am happy to see others passionate writers and I have also visited many blogs to meet new friends.  It’s quite simply a community and great people here on WordPress, and what you put in is what you get.  I have some really great dynamic posts coming up soon, via I want them to be strictly awesome, for it will be more helpful and share worthy than my regular personal or life posts.

I have seen some new subscribers, and just want to welcome all the ladies, BIG HUG, and if you are a guy a manly handshake, (I don’t think we should be hugging lol) but if you are up for a hug, what the hell.

I have been busy as of late, working 3 jobs and creating a media network, so if you see me pass by your blog, trust me I am a ninja.  I stealthy got there and read, liked, even left some comments.  I am trying to reach everyone I can, and see and read all the interesting things that’s going on, but it’s super hard.  But I go hard, so I should be fine.  I collecting some crazy super awesome photos, so be ready for those coming soon.

Anyways I am rambling.  I just want to say thanks you to all my new friends and also for subscribing to my blog, watch out and check your email, twitter or facebook, for I might be requesting to do an interview with you for my weekly Subscriber Interview series, every friday (well not every, but I try though) in which I interview one of my subscribers and introduce them to the world on my blog.

PS: If you are a new follower, just know I post a post ONCE every day as the PROJECT 365 challenge I have going on with PostADay2012.  So your email might get filled up, but don’t you worry, I post awesome cool easy to read stuff.  But I try my best to stick to only one post, but on occasions I might do 2 or so.  Very rarely though.

Happy Blogging

Thanks for reading, liking, and commenting.
Richardo Wilson