So Yes I Did It. Okay bad way to start things off, but today I tried Tofu and remembered it. So I am on a super challenge going Vegan for 60 Days. Yea it’s like a trial thing and also maybe a convert thing. I am just trying to find the diet and healthy ways I want to eat these days.

I went to Chipotle with my manager at work and he has been on his new diet change, right around the time I am trying my new diet thing, so it’s perfect I eat what he is eating. He is loving his new results, and I am clueless on foods to eat for my challenge. So it’s perfect.

We went to Chipotle to have a Tofu Bowl, and oh man was it good. It’s was just food in the end, but I liked it. I might expand on some Tofu options and see if this like is a love, but we never know. That’s all I have to report on. Lastly, it got intense for I poured way too many hot tabasco sauce all over the entire food, and the burn on the lips was crazy. Still ate every bite.

Anyone have any VEGAN stories or TOFU stories to share with me?

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Thank you.

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann 

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The Reason Life Is So Funny Sometimes


Look at you telling life what you fitting to do and it gives you what it wants to give you.  It’s like life has its own plan for you, but still, you want to fight life’s plan.  Oh yes, there are ups and downs in life and they seem to be planned.  It’s just how long do you have to hold on for the good, and how unprepared will you be for the bad.

I am having a pretty happy day in which why I posted this, but at the beginning of the day, it was terrible.  But somehow life took me for a ride.

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Here there, life will do what life does, so just try to be a part of life, and just maybe one day you will truly understand and appreciate it for what it is. 🙂

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Rik RawMultimedia Summer Fun Photography Art New York City 1

One of my missions of 2014 was to be more social, more interactive and meet new friends. And to do that, you must do new places, do new things and open your mouth. I did just that and been doing that for somethings. I want to live my life, and also I want you to do so too. Just because I went outside my comfort zone I have learned new skills and tricks and met some really great people.

I am very much the advocate of “Being Yourself” and “Open Your Eyes To New Experiences“, for you never know what new things and people you may meet along the way of being a better you. Here are a few photos of me and a new friend I met at an event that I frequent and became a leader in the space, now there to help others get as far as me and even farther if they want to becoming more comfortable being themselves in front of the world.

Rik RawMultimedia Summer Fun Photography Art New York City 1

Rik RawMultimedia Summer Fun Photography Art New York City 1

Rik RawMultimedia Summer Fun Photography Art New York City 1

Me and a new friend at a Google Summer Event
I Love You Google

What you think of the photos?

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