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Extreme Budgeting $31 Dollars for 21 Days [MADNESS]

extreme budgeting

So I have just reach back to New York City from my vacation in Jamaica.  I can’t tell you how much fun I had for you just won’t believe me.  Being back in my country and living the simple life and be around the person who gave me life was just a wonderful thing.  My mom is like super cool.  She might be a bit stiff here and there, because she is a very structured person and strict, but even she let loose as be both enjoyed our dual vacation.

It felt good to have my mom around again, breakfast, lunch and dinner, served to me like a king.  Okay okay, I know I am not supposed to have my mom working I should be catering to her, but we haven’t seen each other for over 3 years, she missed me.  As I missed her as well.  But enough of my vacation, I will get back to that, let’s jump into my new challenge for the holiday/christmas season.

So the topic is “Extreme Budgeting” in which I need to do to purge myself for the financial dip I went in slightly for my mini vacation and my year overall objective.  So we are going to dual combo this challenge.  Extreme Budgeting and Extreme Dieting, it’s not really extreme, but I am calling it so via it’s sound more interesting don’t it?

extreme budgeting lifestyle

Here are the facts, rules and goals.

I am only to spend $31 on groceries for the next 21 days.

I must buy at least 1 Apple each week.

I must work out everyday.

I must do an AB workout routine daily for at least 15 minutes

No Bread, No Rice (you know the rules 🙂 )

Drink a lot of water (you know the rules 🙂 )

Fact 1: I made it to my goal of the year in weight by being consistent with my exercise.

Fact 2: You can budget and still not be starving yourself.

Fact 3: I will eat at least 5-6 times for the day.

No soda or chips.

I must eat vegetables at least 3-4 days of each week.

Make some awesome videos and blog posts within this time span.

The goal is a flatter stomach.

The goal is to lose 5 – 10 lbs.

The goal is to be more defined & toned in my shoulders and back.

The goal is to save $65 for a SPA day Treatment in January to start the year off.

Budget (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

These are my facts, rules and goals to achieve my milestone for 2013.  Yes I work hard.  Sometimes you have to condition yourself to make things work.  There might be more things I want to add, but these are the most important factors.

Do you think I am extreme?  Have you ever tried a crazy budget or so?

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