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It’s a New Year huh, So Ummm Ok Whatever

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So it’s a new year and it’s time to do new stuff.  I am continuing to blog each and everyday, last year’s goal was lots of fun and I really want to continue being a better blogger.  I enjoy learning and challenging myself.  Anyways, (if you didn’t peep the title already) it’s a new year, pretty much tomorrow or the next day after December 31, 2011, and I am into my new blogging challenge, PostADay2012 | Project365.

I am a versatile creative photographer from new york city that loves photography, art and the abstract interesting things in life, so I decided to share my passion with world, through my blog 365 days of the year.  so a PhotoAday365 is born here, in which equals to PostADay2012, make sense right….sure it do.

I am up for the challenge and hope you enjoy.  Oh yea, I will still post creative post each and every week here, so don’t be shy and SUBSCRIBE, I live a “new york city lifestyle“…

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What Are You Doing For Your Birthday? – [Countdown To My Birthday 2011: 4 days to go]

E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)
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Every year there are a few concerned people that always ask what are you doing for your birthday.  And it’s not a problem if you have an answer for them, but when you don’t know yourself and they are not even throwing in some options for what might be fun to do, it gets quite annoying.  I don’t really get annoyed by it because I am a last minute type dude when it comes to birthday.  If I plan it, it fails, so I figure out of everyday in the year, just watch and see what I do.  If it includes you, I would contact you in advance and tell you to clear your schedule or time frame and we are hanging out that period of time.

But to be real…So far as of 4 days to go.  I want to experience a quite morning of nice lavish things, such as breakfast, ordering a cake, buying myself a balloon (for no one buys me that anyways, I will buy my own), blowing the balloon, buy myself a birthday card, avoid facebook and my blackberry for the reasons I listed in my last post (Chaotic Facebook Alerts – [Countdown To My Birthday 2011: 5 days to go) and keep a big smile on my face.

Once the afternoon rolls in, my mom might be trying to wish her son Happy Birthday, so I will make sure I accept the call and call her back, and thank her for giving my life and how awesome of a mom she is.  Then unto planning and refreshing and recharging my camera and video camera, I might watch some type of quick comedy on netflix and write a freestyle to release later that night on youtube and facebook as the time countdown and the day is over.

I will then recruit my best friend to chill with like me and him did years ago.  I feel like my best friend Chris is the only and best person to welcome my birthday in with.  Me and him have been down for so many years, and his birthday haven’t been crazy or we haven’t chill so my birthday shall be our time to shop, laugh, eat, laugh, laugh, shoot photos, shoot videos, diss on each other and have a good time.  That’s my people, so hopefully we can pull this cool day off.  There might be drinks involved.  I might try to sucker my brother in hanging out with me either that day or for the weekend.

My brother is another story, I should find him right now and PUNCH HIM. lol.

Either way, as of now, that looks like how my day will pan out.  Meet a person in the morning, couple hi’s to others in the afternoon, and my best friend to end the day off.

I wonder if I can MASS TEXT this to all my friends and cool people via text or emails? hmmmm I might drop the links in a upcoming video.  3 days until my birthday.  Let’s see what happens.

7/20 here we come…

Did I mention CANCERS RULES!!!
well now you know.

– Richardo

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Mothers Day is almost here

mother's day flower
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Are you prepared for Mother’s Day?  Man, it just crept up on me like BAM.  I know I love my mom and she is the most important women in my life.  She is so awesome.  Shouts out to all the mothers out there and soon to be mothers, I wish you have a great day when it comes.  Go Mothers Go…

Did you get prepped for Mothers Day?  Do you always do something special for your mom every year?

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