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Crashed Toyota Matrix
Crashed Toyota Matrix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow, what a year 2012 has been for me.  I have been super stressed out for the last couple days.  Everything I worked hard for in 2012 with taking no vacation are now showing the light of day and they are stressing me out.  I have been climbing the wall of creative and the corporate ladder since the beginning of the year, and I have finally reached the skill level I wanted and needed to be.  I am finally on a one week vacation from the world, but can’t totally enjoy it in a certain fashion I wanted to via I have a few extremely important projects to release.

I have this curse in with is fall the “Fall/Winter Curse” in which I spoke about before, that has haunted me for over 4 years now.  Any projects I try to release between September to December of the year has failed.  I don’t mean they weren’t down or finished, they were just never released.  This is the most stressed part of the year for me.  So everything gets delayed.

What a great One Year on Flickr!
What a great One Year on Flickr! (Photo credit: Monroe’s Dragonfly)

This year is different via I set up everything to break the curse and finally put it to rest.  But somehow it has risen its head in a different form.  All the things I wanted happened for the most part has happened and has unlocked better opportunities, in which has shifted my projects from being released.  I am highly upset via I put a lot of time and passion into the build of these project to possibly see them get pushed or washed away to the side with new ideas, and another entire year of delivering the project properly and be as effective as I know it can be.

So as of today, Dec. 10, 2012, I shall be pulling my hair out in madness for the next 3 weeks until December 31, 2012, to release the greatness of art and passions I have created to share with the world.

How are you doing this winter/Christmas season?  Is there any stress you are experiencing?

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Richardo Wilson

Postaday2012 · Project365

Happy Thanksgiving and NO THANK YOU

Thanksgiving is for Family
Thanksgiving is for Family (Photo credit: Tom Gill (lapstrake))


Happy Thanksgiving to all as it’s a time of the year you can enjoy some food, enjoy being around family as well take a load off from a long year of work, (if you were working all year :).)  But either way it’s the time year to be thankful for your blessings and to be able to be alive and see yourself happy as well as others.  The only thing I can’t be too thankful each year is the sales we buy into each year in which land us in either debt or fat tummies, and no game plan against it.


We buy things just because it’s on sale, we eat more than we need just because there is more food, and for that, I say No Thank You.


I hope you all enjoy the holiday season, and I guess no matter what I say, getting you systems gassed up for the Black Friday sales, but enjoy and be safe and healthy out there.


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Richardo Wilson


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I Opt Out of Valentine’s Day

broken heartWhat can I say, it’s 2012 and I don’t feel and see the need to follow commercially driven holidays or events.  Just as how I don’t celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving like before based on how it plays in society to pretty much sell everyone on items or wants in life, I have decided to add Valentine’s Day this year to the list.  I am more focused on other things than just what everyone else is doing.  I guess you can call me anti-commercialized.  I don’t like to be sold or told what to do or what to buy on any given holiday or whatsoever.  I need we sometimes need help on finding great gifts for others, but at the same time, people forget to be more personal and lack effort in what they do.  Almost everything in these holidays are like a sales pitch and manipulation to tell us what we should be doing or buying instead of us creating our own sense of what we want to do.

Though I might still practice one or two things for Valentine’s day in absolute private, I am definitely crossing it celebration off my list.  What do you think?  Are you excited each year for Valentine’s Day?

I have went year after year enjoying Valentine’s day without a problem, and really don’t see a difference in the years.  Some years I have a Valentine, others I don’t based on non relationships or not seeking a love interest, but I usually take that day to treat myself to something good and show myself some love that I have been lacking or as an appreciation for all the great things I did for others without asking for anything in return.

I feel one day doesn’t validate what you can do everyday of the year or whenever you feel like to do it.  I live a life of whatever I feel like doing I just go and do it, a life of no rules or limits.  So this year I am definitely making a stand and opting out of Valentine’s Day.  To many people it doesn’t really matter what I do, and I feel that is how it is supposed to be.

Too many people are too easily convinced they should or must follow trends, but I made it one of my personal goals to break away from the matrix and do what I feel is more important to me and closely affects me.  We as a society tend to watch what everyone is doing and be either jealous, envy or try to fit in instead of doing what we need to for ourselves.

Here are 5 things people don’t focus on in their own lives that are important:

1. Save money (Plan for the right item, reason and future)
2. Live a healthy lifestyle (Relationships, family, physically, and mentally)
3. Invest in  themselves (get educated, get out debt, be insured, be employed, own your property, have a peace of mind, etc.)
4.  Create and focus on their own interests (Help make their lives much happier)
5. Be themselves and live life to fullest (Be the real you, and live it the way you want to, without thinking of what other’s may think)

Some of things I have listed may not apply to everyone, but take a while and think about yourself and give yourself an evaluation.  What are you current main interests in life?  What have you been focused on lately, and are you aggressively trying to achieve what you need to in life?

I am planning on saving my money and efforts for something much bigger and special.  I love and wish everyone the best for Valentine’s Day and their hopes for a one day of the year feeling loved, but love and romance is a daily thing we can all do and do unselfishly as we please.

Let me know what you think?  Do you think or give in to what others are doing instead of doing things your way and having the option to participate or not by will?  What are your plans or thoughts of things to do on Valentine’s Day.

Thanks for reading

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