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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Be Humble and Don’t Lose Yourself

Martin Luther King leaning on a lectern. Deuts...
Martin Luther King leaning on a lectern. Deutsch: 1964: Martin Luther King Português: Martin Luther King (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just wanted to say, Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day…oh yea also it’s a Happy Monday.  I know I know every week there is a Monday and only once a year we celebrate MLK Jr. Day.

Of the bat, it’s the beginning of the week.  I hope everyone is being safe and taking it easy.  Don’t stress yourself about the small things, don’t get lose yourself to gain nothing you can’t sustain.

Enjoy. Cheers.

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Thanksgiving…every year, same people, same things

Happy Thanksgivingto all, whether late or not late, but Thanksgiving for me ever since the last couple years is mainly for me to be alone, relax and be myself.   I am happy for everyone with families and in love with the festivities and excitement to see that crazy uncle or annoying or cute cousin, but in my life, it’s just a day for me to relax and give thanks unto the LORD and give myself a pat on the back for making this far in the year and knowing and seeing all the good I have done.  I am

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not about being rewarded and the epic amounts of food to eat, I am seriously pass that, I feel I can do that anytime I feel like it, I don’t need a certain time of year to do it.

I like to see everyone happy, and holidays for me is a time to relax, and do less, close to nothing.  So excluding me out of the long lines at the supermarkets, the hours setting tables, cooking and baking, I just want to relax.  I work super hard the entire year and all I want and would wish for is peace and quiet.

I don’t know if that’s odd or seem lame to others, I am just me and that’s all I can be.

Happy Holiday‘s and Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving weekend to all.  I hope everyone tries to be happy and live healthy.

Are there other who don’t over hype Thanksgiving?  Do you try to make Thanksgiving  awesome every single year?  Do you actually force yourself to be something you don’t want to be during the holidays?

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Running Through Trenches Hopping Over Benches

Sunset Hopping
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I am such a work horse.  I have created methods to solve the mayhem and madness I go through on a daily basis.  Everyday I feel as if I am going through a battlefield or war path with my responsibilities and creativity.  Both takes tremendous work and precise execution.  So I guess you can say, running through trenches refers to heading into the war zone, and hopping over benches are my methods of creativity and style to avoid conflicts and failures.  I feel this is so cool that I can even use this phrase explain my days to others.

For example, Jim asks me, “How is your day going today?” and I can respond with, “I am running through trenches and hopping over benches”.  Wow I like it, it’s quite clever.  I feel proud of myself today for that.  I should treat myself to a so awesome cup of strawberry cheesecake yogurt, which happens to only have 90 calories, now that’s just awesome right there.

What do you think of my new-found clever phrase and reference? “I am running through trenches and hopping over benches”

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