So today is a tech update story. Google announced it’s new gaming streaming console, good luck to them. I know they trying to jump in a market and can win or fail and still be okay to lose money, as they have tried many things. But I think it’s interesting and gives kids a competitive opportunity to make money as well as a following from streaming games. It’s too late for me in that aspect, not big into the gaming but it’s a big industry where money is.


Instagram is now launching a checkout system that you can buy thing through instagram in the style of sellers and buyers and of course you have to pay for that service, but again for people who are building a following and brands and companies, its a new marketplace for revenue stream for creators and small businesses.

Today at work was pretty dull, in door to learn all new responsibilities and just super tired and drained and just need a refuel coming next week to go forward.

I hope everyone is good and checking out these new techs and more.




Naturally, I can’t complain because far too many things don’t stay the same when it comes to me. I am always improving and always ready to change or adapt to meaningful results. Today was a smooth and intelligent day of time management and also a calm relief of happiness knowing my next commitments are very powerful.

Sometimes the world sends you reminders and pats on the back of goals or a journey you are willing to take. So when you hear those reassurance, you feel more compelled to follow through.

Better Health & Fitness
Better Skin Care and Self Care
Smarter techniques to be more disciplined

The items mentioned above are all the things I kept hear coming through every single interaction I had today. I am happy to notice it and is ready to keep the focus alive.

Photo by AbsolutVision




When positivity strikes where will you be? Today for at work, I was happy to meet 3 more amazing women trying to change their lives for the better. The happiness they displayed to me as I shared my story with them was wonderful. My co-worker, I worked with today in Manhattan, New York the place of horrible traffic, nowhere to park and wandering traffic police officers, happened to be a happy and lovely place today.

My co-worker and I were so happy to work with each other, it was just pure magic and understanding and teamwork rolled up in a big ball. The positive energy and laughs were so natural, the creativity and like-mindedness moments of clarity were to die for. It was all in all a great HUMP DAY…We definitely got over the hump. Happy Wednesday.

10 Words To Describe The Day:
Office Goals
Face Time

How would you describe your day?