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So for the last month I was working on my body and wanted to get in the best shape in my life.  I wanted, muscles, I wanted cuts, I wanted to be toned, and I have reached my goal.  The only way left to go is up, to a better sculpt, physique, body definition, and leaner body.  I am on the road to be a lean mean, blue, not green NINJA MACHINE.  Check me out in the gym.

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Blue Glow, from my Shades, to my Wrist, to my Sock…I am just Art.”

Q: What is your fitness or life goals for 2013 or just for the summer?

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Master Ninja Challenge – Diet and Fitness


It’s that time again, a challenge.  I have for years created a healthy challenge every year since I had my blog to test my fitness and my diet.  I actually love challenges.  So I was talking to my best friend today and he said in very few words I inspire him.  Well at least fitness wise.  He said I should be way far from where I am, even though he is trying to catch up, but I am not.  He says my eating is bad as he is eating clean.  He also said I got no cooking skills.  That’s my best friend for you right there…  He likes friendly competitions, well at least in the realm of things he likes to do or is passionate about.  It’s always one-sided for me and everyone I know.  No one ever wants to compete with me in the things I am passionate about, it’s always me to join their race.

I have lost the competitive edge in a few things, even though everyone knows I can be a mad scientist at times, and I will go the extreme if need be.  But still my friend and his statements are correct.  So in order to challenge myself I touch basis with the inner MASTER NINJA and create vivid to almost dangerous challenges for myself to overcome and be the best.

Here are a few challenges I had beaten:

A Post A Day for 1 Month

A Video A Day for 1 Month

Become Freshly Pressed on WordPress (Yup it was actually a goal)

I attempted A POST A DAY for an entire year, twice
(I am not sure it anyone knows I have over 900 posts)

and a few others I will post on my NINJA page.

Now that I think of it, I need to post my accomplishments on its own page called NINJA, because I don’t think people know how versatile and hardworking I am.  So when you challenge me, please be ready for a real battle.


Here are the NEW RULES and CHALLENGE starting immediately, TODAY, 4/23/13

Little to No processed food,
Veggies everyday
Photo A Day (coming soon)
Cook every weekend something NEW
No Rice, No Bread, No Beer (This is part two…I did this for a month last year, but let’s take it a bit further.

I shall be adding more as the days go by to see where I am lacking in and create a measurable challenge, something not too easy.  This is just the warm up.

Oh yea did I tell everyone that I am working on trying to be a certified Personal Trainer…Pile on the workload, let’s go.

Also I am working on producing a Web Cooking Show…I will keep you all posted on that.

All in all I promote a healthy lifestyle and will post tips and more for everyone to see, also there will be pictures too, OH MY GOSH, and they will be yummy.

Diet and Fitness

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New FALL Workout Plan, For The Lazy People [#Fitness #Health]

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It’s the fall season and motivation to hit the gym is tough to come by. For all you lazy people (including myself, well only when I am sick, and yes I try to workout even when I am sick, yum I know it’s not smart, I guess you know now that I am not smart..SMH)

Anyways I have just settled into a routine this past Monday, October 10, 2011 to get fit and reach the 175lb-180lb weight goal I always wanted. I mean I am not what you call fat and I do have a ton of muscles here and there, but I need to be lean and slender, I am an athletic person after all, so I really have to force these routines in and get a feeling for a steady schedule of tips.

Here are a few quick tips though simple enough, they work wonders if you actually play by the rules and use them daily and effectively…
So here are the Fall 2011 Workout Tips and Tricks for Lazy People to Better Health and Fitness

1. Replace 95% of juice, soda, beer, liquor with WATER…really important step one.
– go buy a jug or big ass bottle and fill it of water and put it in the fridge, when you thirsty, drain that sucker down, and feel better and more cleanse.

2. Use the Darn STEPS…I know we all love the elevator and the random awkward people and smell in it. But everyday you are going in or going out, use the steps. I know some people leave on high floors and got kids and stuff, well at least go half way stairs or go more downstairs than up…consider it an extra workout each day,

3. Spend 10-20 minutes each day BREATHING…I know I know, its sounds like a lot, but trust me it is effective. At least aim for 5 minutes a day. It’s will ease stress, help your lungs out, sooth the body, and best if served with a glass of cool ice water from Step 1. We don’t spend more time breathing correctly, so find a small peaceful corner, inhale and exhale and feel alright.

4. Do 5 exercise EVERYDAY with a set amount of reps…Now matter how simple the task, just do it. make a habit of spending about 30 mins at least each day or substitute it doing it every other day and using the alternate day to do cardio, some running or jogging at least 2 miles should prep you to get in shape. So think of doing 20 push-ups, 40 sit-ups, 50 jumping jacks, 20 squats, and 3 stretching routines (arms, legs and core) that shall set you off and running. Then Double the workouts after they become too easy or every 3 weeks until you reach a maximum.

5. WRITE DOWN what you EAT at the end of the day and calculate the estimated calories. Even if it some scribble of a notepad or in a blank retired notebook, JUST DO IT. Just label it MORNING, NOON, NIGHT…and give an estimate calories and take notice of the amount of calories you are STUFFING in your mouth each time frame of the day. Try to cut down on junk and add more fruits and vegetables, and see the differences…I know they might taste bad, if so, ADD HOT SAUCE, they should teach you a learn to complain.

6. Write Down in the same BOOK that you hate writing in what workout out you did that day whether it is more push ups or more leg workout, try to see if you can beat that record every couple of weeks. So you know what should be improving on your body.

Follow these 6 steps, and they will help you get your lazy butt off the chair and get into a new groove of things for the fall.

What do you think of my Fall Tips and Trick for Lazy People? Are you going to try any? Were you trying to find some new things to try out to stay active and drop some pounds in the cold weather?

Thanks for reading

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