So today is a tech update story. Google announced it’s new gaming streaming console, good luck to them. I know they trying to jump in a market and can win or fail and still be okay to lose money, as they have tried many things. But I think it’s interesting and gives kids a competitive opportunity to make money as well as a following from streaming games. It’s too late for me in that aspect, not big into the gaming but it’s a big industry where money is.


Instagram is now launching a checkout system that you can buy thing through instagram in the style of sellers and buyers and of course you have to pay for that service, but again for people who are building a following and brands and companies, its a new marketplace for revenue stream for creators and small businesses.

Today at work was pretty dull, in door to learn all new responsibilities and just super tired and drained and just need a refuel coming next week to go forward.

I hope everyone is good and checking out these new techs and more.


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High Line, New York City RawMultimedia Photography

High Line, New York City RawMultimedia Photography

I use to frequent the Google Offices when I was active on YouTube, and they throw great meetups, so during my sessions there, I caught these photos through the window. ūüôā

Photo by: RawMultimedia (iPhone)
Location: Manhattan, New York

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Wishful Wednesday: Educate Yourself

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Welcome to another edition of Wishful Wednesday, where you can wish for anything, big or small, or just shout out a wish you want to see come true.

I wish people would educate themselves more. ¬†I hate to see someone stumbling in life based on not taking the time to educate themselves and see where the possibilities in life are. ¬†Also I hate to hear people saying, I want to be better but I can’t afford school. ¬†School is there to educate you, but it’s not the only place to gain knowledge, everything starts with you and your ambitions. ¬†We are in the world of technology in which just a computer in front of you should be sufficient enough to get you moving.

I want to see more people being self-motivated and trying to learn and better themselves than settling in life.  The sky is the limit, knowledge is out there, all you need to do it saddle up and go get it.  Some people consider me smart based on the belief that school got me there.  I am here to let everyone know, that I taught me and I used the internet to be exact to educate myself going 10+ years strong.  All you need is a question and work your butt off to get an answer, and repeat, and trust me there is nothing that should stop you.

Do you lack education? ¬†Are you always saying, “I am going to go back to school/college or so but never do? ¬†When do you think you are going to wake up and START TODAY, when are you going to START NOW?

Educate yourself everyone…If you need some inspiration, I am here to help you if so. ¬†Don’t settle, and don’t wait until it’s too late.

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