I am kicking out high levels of positivity these days, I can’t imagine how far this blast of energy will go. As I tell people every day, I am all about WORKING. I LOVE TO WORK, for me working is not a task, it’s a mentality of putting forth effort.

When I am working, I am putting forth massive amounts of energy. You might not always see what I am actually working on, and how I am doing it, but I am highly active and engaged.

Whatever you think I consider work or what you perceive I am actually doing, I am doing far more work in my mind to align and plan and plot out routes that were never created. I think this is the main misconceptions people have about me. They only see what is standing in front of them. I am looking far beyond what you can actually see, feel, experience, and what will happen after doing the task or amounts of effort, what will be the major effect or result. It’s a tough road being a uber creative, intelligent, and professional person of my statue.

I just wanted to share this post with the world and for myself to read and remember to explain to someone at a future date. You see, I did the same action I just spoke about in this post. 🙂

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Hello friends and passer-bys, it’s February 2017, let’s celebrate a new beginning, new month.

Thoughts on February

  1. Watch more TV shows and do reviews for them… January I dug deep into some many shows…
  2. Smile more, and make everyone smile more… (I got designed cards for this objective)
  3. Go to a dentist, get new glasses, contacts and turn up on at a spa. 🙂
  4. Work on a meetup friends… Let this month be my first organized meetup.
  5. Start reading a new book…try for daily.  Even if it’s one page or two… DAILY.


Question: What are you looking forward to this February?


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Your Happiness, Your Family Will Never Understand and Never Get It

Parents Just Don't Understand
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How many of us in life do not want to settle for less?  There are many, but who actually settles for little that they are worth?  There are many also, who say one thing and do another.  I told myself from a young age that, that people who settles for less will not be me.  I don’t care about the struggle and the pain, it’s comes with reaching your goals.  I am not saying it’s terrible of a life for people who have settled and not achieve what they wanted, for life and the world is a tricky thing.  Not everyone can and will achieve the same goals, but to be the one that does, makes a very big difference and is a big deal.

My family, very little to no time have they ever really asked me what I wanted from life and showed their support in my achieving such things, but they would want me to help them on all the small things and major things they can’t do on their own or really needs someone help to accomplish in which I always to at least 95% try to do.  I am only one man with big dreams, big goals, with no help, but yet again, just I alone can change possibilities for the greater good for others.  When I am stress and feel defeated, who do I lay my head to rest on?  Who is there to rub my feet or back after a 48 hours of no sleep trying to do for others in which others will not do for me, while still trying to keep at my goals?  There is no one but GOD and myself that works hard on those details but me.

Most people think about them, or their emotions, instead of asking, hey I wonder how this affects someone else, or am I asking too much of someone and not worrying about how they truly want to react to others request.

Sometimes your friends and family will never understand, they will never ask the questions you have answer for to make them believe that you are going after your dreams and trying your hardest not to give up.  They will just take from you, as you give to them, and time after time come back and wonder why you are not doing something they are actually holding you back from doing.

It’s like Will Smith said in the song, “Parents Just Don’t Understand“, for they really don’t depending on the family you from.  Ambitious family wants more from their children and Low level family, don’t see the point why the children wants to reach and accomplish goals in their lives.  I guess it’s just the times and the technology of today’s world that changes the sphere of events, switching from mere possibility to probabilities, in which possibilities are just a gamble, a roll of the dice while probabilities are more of how likely based on factors you will be able to accomplish this task or goal.

I find it strange how the same people who wants to be happy and need the help of others to be happy, are the same people who denies happiness and the lack of understanding for that person wanting to be happy and actually helping them achieving it.

Do your family or friend believe in you?  How many of your family or friends support your goals or what you want to accomplish in life?

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