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Every 8th of the month, I am hosting a Meet and Greet on my blog.  Feel FREE to promote yourself.  Share a link to blog and leave a brief description of your content, whether you are a writer, photographer, poet, lifestyle blogger, art blogger, fashion blogger, you are welcome to interact and share your works.  Just be nice…

All bloggers are FREE to post a link to their blogs… FREE PROMOTION & FREE CONNECTION.  Let me see what you got to share…also this is a great way to discover new blogs, content, writers so it’s easy to find new friends, who may have similar content or writing style.

The goal of this Meet & Greet is to build a community of bloggers, writers, poets,  photographers, and more here on WordPress.

Remember to interact.  If no one does, at least I will visit your blog and may be able to do a good write up for you if you blog is super awesome and must be shared… 🙂

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Question: If you had a choice to link up with someone for drinks, which drink would be your choice: water, tea, wine, coffee, beer or mixed drink?


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Hello friends and passer-bys, it’s October 2016 and let’s celebrate a new month.  The Fall/Autumn season has finally arrived, and I am ready to share the world with you.  The Fall season is my favorite season of the year for many reasons.

Reasons I Love The Fall Season:

  1. Hot Chocolate, Cocoa and Tea…(well that has the effect of helping stay warm and cozy.)
  2. I love the colors of orange, green and brown on trees, leaves, people and more.
  3. Fallen leaves and photography.
  4. Lots of holidays and moments of new experiences.
  5. New Galleries to visit.
  6. Fashion & Art for the Fall, (jackets, sweaters, coats, boots, and hoodies) 🙂

I have just created a new series for my blog that I am excited about.  Every month I will welcome the new month with a Hello, and reflect on its memories with an exit of Goodbye (and thanks for the memories).  This will help my share and talk about all the good and bad moments in life and as well, help my journal life.

Things To Look Forward To In October:

I have a wedding I am shooting this October. (videography)

Comic Con in New York City

Photo Expo 2016 in New York City at the Jacob Javitz Center.

Halloween will be here… Treat or Treat.  I wonder what I will be this dressed as this year?  Hmmmm


Let me know your thoughts as I smooth out the details…

Question: What are you looking forward to this October and this Fall Season?


Thanks for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson


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COLORFUL SNEAKERS, FITNESS - RawMultimedia Art Photography

Photography by: Richardo A. Wilson


Let me know your thoughts…

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson