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Home Improvement

My blog is my home.  I live here, I cry here, I rant here (ummm not really), but I love it here.  I think my blog is usually the first thing I check each day, whether via desktop, laptop, tablet or smart-phone, I am like always.  I all about those stats baby.  Okay, I kid around, I am not here for only the stats, but the pure interaction.  I love to see other people interacting with my blog, as well as me interacting with them.

My blog is a bit dusty over the past few weeks and months, and I usually change the design every year, in which is just about that time.

How do you feel about your blog/website?  Do you work on upgrading and improving it quarterly or yearly?  Is your blog your home as well?


So I create content everyday, some the greatest works I ever did, some are just awesome, some are a bit ehhh but still cool, and there are others, the quickies.  I want to have everyone having a BLAST when then stop by, probably not wanting to leave ever, so I must create that atmosphere for them.  It’s almost like inviting friends over, you want to clean up a bit, with no distractions so everyone can have a good time.

If you may be new to blogging or haven’t upgrade your blog, it’s nice to experiment with new designs and features and give your audience a fresh experience like, “dang, things have changed around here, I got to see where the fun is.” and “Oh my gosh, what is that, I want to click it, view it, read it, and share it.” or, “hey there is too many goodies here to enjoy in one day, I got to come back and take more of it in.”

So all in all, that’s the feeling I want to bring to everyone, and even to myself to say, wow my home is looking so fresh like I just bought and furnished it.

I hope this post inspire someone to take a look at their blog and figure out ways to upgrade and improve it, if they never done so before. 🙂

Oh yea if you didn’t know…my 1,000th post in coming to wrap up May 2013.  So I am trying to launch unto another 1,000th posts, looking so fresh and so clean. 🙂

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Richardo Wilson


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The Cure of Writer’s Block (Tips, Ideas, Inspiration)

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When writer’s block strikes it is torture to someone’s goal or motivation. Well here is my cure (guide) to writer’s block.

Here are 5 cures to get back out of your writer’s block stage whether it’s blogging, script writing, video ideas, short stories, poetry, or just personal journal.

1. Create 3 mini series of simplicity (short form) as warm up.

– photos (find a title or cool name to call your series within the field you are trying to write and google search images or photos that’s related to the theme of the series and post it with your thought on the picture or a brief info on the picture) Also you can take things in your own hands and grab your digital camera, camcorder, iPhone, blackberry or so, and create a series of random photos around the house, outside, people, or so and post it with nice keywords/tags of things people maybe searching for.

– text (find a title or cool name to call your series within the field you are trying to write and do something within a 2-4 sentences on the idea or a thought. Or write about someone who is great in that field) and end the each post with a question or an idea you discovered within your research and working on the mini series.

– video (find a title or cool name to call your series within the field you are trying to write and do something 30 sec –  1 min) and have the series go to a certain number you like, for example your favorite number or numbers like 6, 8, 12, or 16.

2. Create a creativity/idea drop box/fish bowl

3. Read others blogs, or videos and take notes on the things you like (reminder, don’t get mad at their content and how great it is to yours, everyone goes through a dry spell, even drop a comment, message or email to the person to see if they can give you some tips.)

4. Create a rant or vent on pieces of paper what you are missing or your problems. Sometimes helpful to read out and see on paper what your actual problem so you can take it in and think about it and create a solution.

5. Take a break, get some sleep. Go to you favorite places, eat some of your favorite food, listen to your favorite music, or look up things that you enjoy or like that inspire you. Talk to a good friend and hold a good conversation with someone interesting. I guarantee that will inspire you on some ideas and get you in a good mood.

Try these ideas and see how well they work for you.

Do you have any tips to add to this post? Leave it in the comments or send me an email.

Do you have any cures for writer’s block and do you think these were a good list of cures?

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Writers Write, Bloggers Blog

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Writers write, Bloggers blog…well I want to do both.  It’s quite refreshing publishing on my blog over the last couple months and it’s very rewarding to see my writing get noticed and a decent amount of views based on good writing concepts and ethics.  I have been working on couple book ideas for over 2-3 years and thinking as a writer I can see how difficult it can be to publish a book.  Not just the process of production, but the committment to writing and the back & forth with doubts.  I really want to do a good job on my first published work.  I guess I shall continue to use my blog as a practice and a simpler element and build into my book.

I am aiming to release my first book this year, even with the crazy amount of pressure and writing demands, I am in.  Also I am working on writing great articles and converting them into eBooks to get some recognition and feedback on my progress.  I so hope for the best.

*Do you want to be a writer or a blogger?

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