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Hi Spring, where have you been?  I have been waiting on you.  I am happy you have arrived, just please take off your shoes when you wall into my home.  And please, open up your schedule for we have lots of fun, photos, laughs, food, and goodies to get to in 2018.

Are you happy for spring?

For me, being in New York City, we have a snow day, a big snow day the day after the first day of spring, go figure right.  Happy Global Warming…

But hey, it’s still spring though in my mind. 🙂 YAY



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Its Black History Month 2011 [Raw Multimedia]

Prominent figures of the African-American Civi...
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I am going to start out and say to be honest I don’t know my black history as well as I am suppose to or believe I should. Being a black in america or african american is a very important and powerful thing as a race should be proud of seeing where we came from and the struggles we endured even from all corners of the world. Each year’s Black History Month, I try to actually learn something new and retain that information as something I should always remember and can pull up at any time. So I ask you today, how well do you know your black history? There is a month dedicated to it, so I guessing you should at least know something or do you know a bit more than just some basic knowledge as, you know that february each year is black history month.

Either way I want to share with the world a little about black history this year on my blog throughout the entire month of february, you know the type of stuff when you were younger your school makes you do, but this is all by choice and I also intend to be a bit more creative with it as well as informative. If I can really deliver on it as I expect I can I want to actually produce four articles and four innovative videos, one for each week of the four weeks, 28 days of february and I guess continue to add to it each year.

So, someone had asked me, “Are you proud being a Black or African American man?” And my answer is easily noted, Yes I am and I very proud of my race”

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PS: If you are reading this, please stop by again to check for my articles and videos, and you can definitely be awesome and check out other posts on my blog also. Thanks again.

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