Today In The Life of Richardo
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Today was a bit special. I must admit I love the entrepreneurial spirit in me and the positive energy I give off. I met a great deal of new people today and got to interact with them as a team. It’s the random events that brings the best out of my personality.

Today I was trained to teach others how to drive. I think I am pretty decent at driving and have my cool points, but now I have upgraded to a new level. I will now have the power to like knight someone in their goals to being a better and rather awesome driver on the road. For as you know, driving ain’t as easy as it seems. 🙂

Do you know how to drive?
When did you learn?
Who taught you how?

Share your answers with me.




Do it for the passion, do it for the love. When it’s all said and done, do it for the fun. You got to enjoy what you do, whether writing, blogging or anything. It’s the drive to keep you going when the going isn’t good. There will be days that are so jammed pack. There will be days when you feel overwhelmed. But we just got to push through, and deliver what we love.

Think of each post as gift to the world. Just keep giving and one day the world shall return gifts to you.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon


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