Oh man, it begins again.

No meat.
New diet,
Well nah,
Better health,
Better rhythm,
Better steps,
I must do better,
I bet you could have guessed,


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GREEN TEA CHAI  - RawMultimedia Photography


Even though I am a coffee person, I love me some green tea.  Actually, I am a vivid lover of both.  Coming from the Caribbean most people are raised drink a lot of tea, mostly all natural.  But when I came to New York the culture leaned more towards coffee, I got a mixture of both and it was history after that.  Green tea is such a simple thing to make for your daily morning breakfast call and it is a healthy choice as well.  Are you a tea lover or coffee lover?  Have you ever tried green tea?  Try starting your week off with some green tea or as a late night soothing hot drink to get some reading done or watch some TV as you relax.


Good mornig,guys! Why don't you drink with me?
Good morning guys! Why don’t you drink with me? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I just want to talk a bit about tea and being healthy.  Do so research about it, and see how it might help change your diet and mood within your day. 🙂


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Richardo Wilson






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#FoodPorn | Healthy Snacks | #Foodie | Photography

FoodPorn Healthy Snacks and Food - RawMultimedia Photography


Photography by: Richardo Wilson
Chelsea, New York City

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